Important Of Haryana Geography History Short Words

 Essay Haryana Geography History

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Important Of Haryana Geography History Short Words

Haryana: Haryana This state is located to the south of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. This ate lies in the North-Western plains.Its neighboring states are Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

the land of this state is also very fertile like Punjab. So agriculture is the main occupation in this state Cattle rearing is another important PUNJAB main occupation in the rural part of Haryana.Besides, Haryana is famous for its big industries. Faridabad, Panipat, Sonipat,   Bhiwani, Gurgaon are its Famous and major industrial cities.sonipat is famous for its bicycles.


The main food of people of Haryana is wheat chapatis vegetables and pulses.The men wear kurta and Dhoti they also wear a turban over their heads.the women wear ghagra, kameez, and odhani.

Hindi and Haryanavi are the main languages spoken in this state. The Badkal Lake and Surajkund are famous worth-seeing tourist places of Haryana.

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