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Short Words of Importance of India

Importance India:  India is a big country. It is well-known by completely different names like Bharat, Hindustan and Hind. it is a rich country with natural resources. Now, India is now the sixth Big Power country in the world. Our country is an independent country, and it is the best example of unity in diversity.

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Article on Importance of India

India is rich in its culture and tradition. It is a big country and has many states.Each state has its own culture, religion, and language. There are various religions that are followed in our country. In our country, people belonging to various castes and creeds live together and have unity amongst them. All the religions are respected equally.

The uniqueness of India is in its mythology. There are many Gods and Goddesses that are worshiped here. Trees, Rivers, sun, star, moon, etc are all also worshiped here. This culture is very different from the rest of the world. There are many festivals for all that religions and castes are celebrated in our country.

There are various languages spoken in India. The national language is Hindi but other languages like Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, etc are also spoken widely. In the north, there are mountains like the Himalayas which stand high and protect us. There are many rivers flowing in the country that are serving us.

India is also rich in minerals, agricultural products, consumer goods, spices, textiles, etc. All over the world, our country is known for its textile and spices. Handicrafts of India are known all over the world.

About India

Every country is made of its people. People of India are now having their own place in all the counties of the world with great respect and honor. They are known for their hard working skills and intelligence. It is a major nuclear power of the day, and well advanced in science and technology.

India is progressing and making its place in the world. But there are still few areas that need Improvement like in the field of education, the betterment of women, eradication of corruption, etc.

India is now growing at fast rate. It is competing with other big countries in the world. People of India are no more conservative and becoming modern to keep the pace with the rest of the world. India has all the latest technologies and products that are there in other developed countries. India’s potential has been recognized by many well-known companies that are now coming to India for there business.

India is one of the biggest democratic countries. We are proud of our country and to be a part of it. It is our responsibility to respect our motherland and its culture.

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