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Joint Family in India: Joint Family in India Since the ancient times, the joint family system is prevalent in India. The joint family is a big family staying together under one roof.

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 Joint Family  in India

In such families, the eldest male member is known as the head of the family’ and his wife, their sons, daughter in laws, grandchildren, all lives together and constitutes a joint family.

These are big families that stay together and in most cases, they have a common occupation or common business. People are usually not very ambitious and follow the age-old culture and customs of their family.

Since many people are staying together as one family, they are together with each other in their ups and downs. They enjoy every occasion together and face every problem together.

In the joint family system, members do not bother to face any sort of circumstances as they will stand by each other and help in times of need. Family support is the greatest reason of joint families being in existence.

These families are usually conservative. They believe that the males will go out to work and earn, while the females will look after the house and the children. Females are thus not given much education also and deprived of many other rights.

They are confined to household chores, entertaining the relatives, and family. They are also not involved in decision making and this applies to young males of the family. Hence, women do not hold a very good and progressive place in the joint families.

In the joint family system, since there are too many members living together, not all the members get their space and freedom to express.

About Joint Family Essay Paragraph

All the members have to listen and follow the head of the family. This suppresses their feelings, opinions, and thoughts even if they are capable of taking it.

As Indians modernized, they predicted, the joint family would be replaced by the nuclear family. Nuclear families are small families with just the man, his wife, and children.

The main cause for the disintegration of the joint family system and increase in a number of nuclear families are the job opportunities available in the cities. In search of jobs, people migrated to the cities.

In cities, the cost of living is high and there is not much space also to accommodate large families. Therefore, people prefer to live in Nuclear families. There are many advantages of this structure of the family. To support the financial needs, even the women go out to work.

Parents are able to concentrate better on the development and children. Everybody in the family has their own space and freedom to express their opinions.

Involvement in decision making is equal for men and women. Women enjoy a better space for self, life and healthy thinking in the nuclear family system.

Nuclear families are usually more progressive. With education and awareness, children and the youth today have developed liberal views. independent and better This makes the person. People are ambitious and work hard to achieve them.

There are certain disadvantages also of the nuclear system of families. There is always a certain kind of insecurities like financial crises, lack of support in case of need, etc, that people in nuclear families live with.

Children also get neglected as mostly, both the parents work out. Children also stay away from the amusements of love and affection of grandparents and other family members.

In both the systems of the families, people learn to live and find out their ways. In India, joint and nuclear family systems are in existence as per the need. Nuclear families are mostly seen in the cities whereas in smaller towns and villages, people still live in big joint families.

Whichever kind of a family system we Indians live and follow, we are taught to respect our elders and give love to young ones. The Indian families, whether nuclear or joint, are the true example of togetherness and brotherhood.

With the change in time and need, the family systems may change, but the duties towards the family will never change. Respect, Love, and affection for the other family members are always the first priority of Indian families.

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