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Aristotle Essay On Short Words Of Life History

Aristotle Philosophy & Life

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BCE) was a Greek philosopher. He was the teacher of Plato and the master of Alexander. He was born in a city named Stagira. Aristotle was composed on many topics, including physics, spirituality, poetry, drama, music, logic, political science, ethics, biology. Aristotle carried forward the work of his master Plato.

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Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle were one of the greatest philosophers of Western philosophy. He made the first comprehensive composition on Western Philosophy, in which there was a combination of policy, logic, science, politics, and spirituality. Aristotle’s views on physical science had a great impact on medieval education and its impact also took place on the Renaissance.

Ultimately Newton’s materialism replaced it. Biology Some of his conceptions were confirmed in the nineteenth century. Their logic is still relevant. His spiritual creations influenced Islamic and Jewish ideology in the Middle Ages and they are still influencing Christian, especially the Roman Catholic Church. His philosophy is still taught in higher classrooms. Aristotle had many compositions, many destroyed. The famous treatise on Aristotle politics is Politics.

Birth: Aristotle was born in 384-322 BC And he lived for 62 years. His birthplace was called Stagira (Stagirus). His father was a royal physician in the court of the king of Macedonia. Thus, the court of Macedonia had a profound influence on the life of Aristotle. His father died in his childhood.


Education: After father’s death, Aristotle 17-year-old Aristotle sent his intellectual education center to Athens to complete the education. He has been teaching there from Plato for twenty years there.

In the last years of his studies, he started teaching at the academy himself. Aristotle was considered to be the most intelligent man of the time who praised himself as his guru. Aristotle is counted among those great philosophers who were earlier such people and did not trust the traditions and used to reach any conclusion only after examining any incident. After Plato’s demise


After Plato’s death in 347 BC, Aristotle was the official of the Academy’s leadership, but due to Plato’s education, he was not given this opportunity. Aristotle went to his court on the invitation of Atradius’s friend Shashik Harmiyaz.

He stayed there for three years and during this time he married Raja’s niece, Harpies, a woman. Before Aristotle was his second wife, he had married a woman named Pithius, after which he had a second marriage. After this, he was born a son named Neckmax.

The most surprising thing is that Aristotle’s father and son’s name were the same. Perhaps Aristotle loved his father so much that because of his memory, he kept his son’s name as well.
Sikander’s education

He started teaching his thirteen-year-old son on the invitation of King Philip of Macedonia. Both father and son gave great respect to Aristotle. People used to say that Aristotle is getting a lot of money from the royal court and thousands of slaves live in their service even though these things were unfounded.

After becoming King of Alexandria, Aristotle’s work ended and he returned to Athens. Aristotle established Platonic school and Platonism. Aristotle often used to stroll while delivering the discourse, so after some time his followers began to call Peripatetics. Aristotle and Philosophy


It was great to search Aristot, especially on topics that are related to human nature, such as, “How does a person face problems when they face it?” And “how does the mind of a man work? “What should be done in the administration working to keep society connected with people who always work properly. Aristotle is an experimental experiment in the environment around us to get answers to such questions. B Keeping lived work with large satisfied with the quality. He would teach his disciples the morning widely and common people in simple language evening.

On the sudden death of Alexander, the voices of the protest of Macedonia stood up. They were also accused of atheism. He moved to Chalise to avoid the punishment, and at the age of 62, he died a year after Alexander’s death. In this way, Aristotle became the great philosopher disciple of Plato and Guru of Sikandar became a Guru in history as a great philosopher.

Works: Aristotle had composed many books, but only a few of them remained safe. The list of safe articles is as follows.

Aristotle’s famous treatise is ‘Peripatetic’.

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