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Essay on Short Words Begum Hazrat Palace

Begum Hazrat Palace

Hazrat Palace: The Beginning of 1857 revolution in Lucknow was done by Begum Hazrat Mahal. By placing his minor son Birzis Kader on the throne, he competed against the English army himself. They had an unprecedented capacity of the organization and for this reason, the landlords, farmers, and soldiers of Awadh kept on moving forward in their leadership.
During the battle of Alambagh, he braved a lot of his brave soldiers and continued his battle with his soldiers on an elephant. After the defeat in Lucknow, he went into the countryside of Oudh, and even there the spark of revolution was solved. All the women were included in the army team of Begum Hazrat Mahal and Rani Lakshmibai.
In Lucknow, Begum was in the hands of Rahim, the leader of the female soldier’s team of Hazrat Mahal, who taught all women to use artillery and gunfight after adopting a military act. These ladies, led by Rahim, took strong iron from the British.
Lucknow is under the command of the British officers at Dhabi and many times used to talk about the schemes against the revolutionaries. Hedaribai introduced his important patriotism beyond the profession and conveyed this important information to the revolutionaries and later he also joined the army team of Rahimi.

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