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BGMI India Release: Rules for Under 18 Players

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the highly anticipated battle royale game, has finally been released in India. With its launch, players of all age groups can now indulge in the thrilling gaming experience it offers. However, for players under the age of 18, there are two significant rules that need to be followed to ensure a safe and responsible gaming environment. In this article, we will discuss these rules and their implications for young players.

BGMI available in India now BGMI: 2 Important Rules for Under 18 Players in India

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BGMI India Release:

  1. Parental Consent Requirement:

One of the essential rules for players under 18 years of age is the requirement of parental consent. As per the regulations set by Krafton, the developer of BGMI, players who are below the age of 18 must obtain consent from their parents or legal guardians before they can access the game. This rule aims to involve parents in the decision-making process and ensure that they are aware of their child’s gaming activities.

To comply with this rule, underage players need to provide their parent’s or guardian’s mobile number during the initial game setup. An OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to the provided number to verify the consent. Once the consent is verified, young players can enjoy the game while adhering to the guidelines set by Krafton.

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  1. Daily Playing Time Limit:

To promote healthy gaming habits among young players, BGMI has introduced a daily playing time limit. Players under the age of 18 can only access the game for a maximum of three hours per day. This limit is in place to prevent excessive screen time and ensure that players maintain a balanced lifestyle by engaging in other activities such as studying, physical exercise, and social interactions.

Once the three-hour limit is reached, underage players will be temporarily restricted from accessing the game until the next day. This restriction helps prevent addiction and ensures that young players manage their time effectively.

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Why are these rules important?

The introduction of these rules highlights the developer’s commitment to creating a safe and responsible gaming environment for players under the age of 18. It acknowledges the potential risks associated with excessive gaming and aims to mitigate them by involving parents and limiting playing time.

These rules also align with the guidelines issued by various international organizations and experts who emphasize the importance of responsible gaming among young individuals. By implementing parental consent and daily time limits, BGMI seeks to strike a balance between entertainment and the overall well-being of its players.

How can I download BGMI in India?

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With the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, young gamers now have access to an exciting gaming experience. However, it is crucial for players under 18 years of age to adhere to the rules set by Krafton. By obtaining parental consent and abiding by the daily playing time limit, young players can enjoy the game responsibly while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

These rules not only promote a safer gaming environment but also encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s gaming activities. It is a step towards fostering a balanced approach to gaming and ensuring that young players have a well-rounded upbringing.

By following these rules, young gamers can fully immerse themselves in the world of Battlegrounds Mobile India while also prioritizing their overall well-being. Let’s embrace the rules, enjoy the game responsibly, and make the most of this exciting gaming experience.