Celebrate Bhai Dooj Festival Short Words Story

 Bhai Dooj Festival Short Words Story

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Bhai Duj Festival Short Words Story

 Bhai dooj: Bhai dooj the festival of brother duo strengthens the affection of brother siblings. This festival is celebrated two days after diwali.

Bhai dooj: Two hindu festivals are celebrated in the hindu religion – a raksha bandhan which celebrates the full moon of the month of shravan.

How to Celebrate Bhai Dooj Festival

Promises to protect the siblings here. The second festival is of ‘bhai dooj’. This, sister brother long life prayer on the second day of kartik, the festival of bhai dooj was celebrated

Brother duo is also called fraternal duality. The main goal of this festival is to establish a strong relationship and love between brother and sister.

On this day sisters also perform berry worship. On this day, sisters wishing to be healthy and long-lasting for the brothers, tilak imparts tilak.’

On this day the sisters also give a bath to the brothers in the oil malachar ganges yamuna. If the ganges cannot be bathed in the yamuna, then brother should take a bath in sister’s house.

If the sister wakes the brother with his hand, the brother’s age increases and the sufferings of life are dispelled. On this day, sisters should feed the rice to the brothers.

It is very important to have a meal at sister’s house on this day. Sister can be a cousin or a mother. If there is no sister then taking care of the femininity of cow, river etc., or sitting near it is also considered auspicious.

There is also a practice to repair cow dung this day. By making a human idol of cow dung and putting a brick on the chest, women break them from the mud slicks.

The women also go from house to house, chana, goom, and bhakayaya, and spraying jiva is nagata from the stroke of the stroke.

What is Bhai Dooj Festival 

By doing this all the time, sister celebrates this festival happily with the worship of bhai pooja. The worship of yamraaj and yamuna ji have special significance on this day.

Bhai dooj: A story of the brother duo lord sun narayan’s wife’s name was shadow. Yama raj and yamuna were born from their koch.

The yamuna had greater affection for yamraj he pleaded with him equally that he would come to his house with favored friends and eat food. Yumraj busy in his work kept avoiding the matter.

The day of kartik shukla came to the yamuna then again made yamraj inviting him to eat, and committed him to his home.

Yamraj thought i was going to defeat life. Nobody wants to call me home. It is my religion to follow the goodwill that the sister is calling to me.

While coming to the sister’s house, yamraj freed the living creatures living in hell. Seeing yamraj coming to his home, yamuna was not the place of happiness. After bathing, he served food and served food.

Yamraj, pleased with the hospitality done by the yamuna, pleased and asked the sister to ask for the groom. The yamuna said that gentleman! You come to my house on this day every year.

Like my sister who treats her brother honorably this day, she does not fear you. Yama raja said to the yamuna, the yamuna was given the priceless costume by way of yamlok.

From this day the tradition of the festival was made. It is believed that those who accept hospitality do not fear yama. That is why the bhayyasuj is worshiped yamraaj and yamuna.

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