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Paragraph My Birthday Party Essay

Birthday Party Essay :I was born on 31st December, 2005. It is very easy to remember my birthday because it is the last day of the English calendar. My grandparents are very serious about my future and got a horoscope prepared from a renowned astrologer. I am their only grandson and they love me very much.

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From the early morning of my birthday, I keep myself busy decorating my reading room and the drawing room. My uncle helps me to do it. He brings beautiful balloons and flowers for nice decoration. My friend Papiya, who lives just next door, also comes to help me. She prepares beautiful cards with nice paintings. I invite all of my friends to attend my birthday party in the evening.

In the morning, I wear new clothes and go to my grandparents for their blessings. My grandpa likes to read books on different subjects. He generally gives me some books and of course a dictionary. My grandma blesses me with a gold ring and sweets. Then my father, mother, uncle and aunt come to me one after another to wish me a long and happy life. They give me sweets and we all take sweets together.

A Birthday Party Essay

The evening is the peak period of my enjoyment. My friends start coming at around 5pm. I stand at the front door with my mother and welcome them heartily. Then my relatives and other invited guests joined my birthday party with various gifts. My friends also bring gifts for me, nicely packed in coloured papers.

When all of my friends gather around, my mother brings the big cake in the drawing room. She gives me a knife and she helps my friends to lit the candles. Then all of my friends and other guests sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and I blow off the candles. Then I cut out small pieces of the cake and offer everyone. Everyone wishes me a happy and prosperous life by clapping their hands.

I feel happy and proud. Then my mother and my aunt serve luchi, aloordom and sweets to all. My mother prepares different delicious dishes for my birthday. She serves them to all. My friends are happy to have enjoyed the food very much.

All of my gifts get piled up in a corner and we all engage ourselves in funs and frolics. My aunt sings a nice song that pleases everyone. My uncle presents me a wristwatch and I like it very much. I also offer a packet of return gift to each of my friends. Then they take leave wishing me happy life again.

At last my father comes to me and asks me to help some poor beggars living in our area. He calls few of them and I offer them sweets and blankets. They become very happy and bless me. I also feel happy to give them something. This is how to celebrate my birthdays.

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