Essay on “Book Fair” || Paragraph “Book Mela” (227 Words)

Book Fair: During the last year, march, the World Book Fair was held in the Rabindra Ground. One day, our class teacher decided to take our whole class in the fair. It was Monday, and the weather was quite fine. We reached the double track and bought tickets.

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We entered the fair; there have been many bookstalls; we have a tendency to visited most of the Indians yet as foreign book outlets In each stall, the books were arranged and beautifully arranged in the shelves. The guides were helping the visitors, the salesmen were quite skilled at the stalls.

Essay Book Fair Paragraph

He had books on almost every topic and topic of our help in every possible way, and we saw the biographies, biographies, and literary, scientific and philosophical works of famous writers.

A special stall was the main attraction for kids, there were classic stories of almost all the children around the world. The price range of books was quite reasonable. There were books of two to three rupees and ten thousand rupees books. I had bought some science reference books.

I also bought ‘Rina’ and ‘Mita’ for my younger sister. Our teacher ordered books for the school library. I was really impressed to see books on such topics and topics, I liked to take all the books home but this was not possible. I enjoyed the fair at the fair.

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