Changed My Life : Essay In English

Changed My Life: Changed My Life I am the only child of my parents. In the beginning, I was a much-pampered child. I was always after my parents to buy something new for me.

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So, every time I went out, I bought new clothes, shoes, and toys. I was also fond of eating out. I insisted my parents to spend a lot of money on me. I was a spoiled child and did not value anything I had. However, one day, an event changed my life and taught me the value of money.

Changed My Life: An Event That Changed My Life Paragraph

I was on vacation with my parents to a hill station. I was enjoying there and having a good time shopping, eating at restaurants and sightseeing. There was a big balcony attached to my hotel room.

One morning, I was on the balcony when I saw a girl of my age cleaning the vehicles in the parking. She was very thin and looked very poor. She wore a torn dress and had untidy hair. I watched her for some time. She was working hard.

When we were out for shopping and buying expensive clothes, I saw her again working in a shop. I got to know that she worked there as a maidservant and cleaned the floor. I went to that shop. She looked at me and admired my dress.

Changed My Life

In her eyes, I could see the desire to be rich like me. She too wanted to wear good clothes like me. She was not treated well by the shopkeeper and was asked to hurry up and leave. She went to other shops and did the same job there. This hurt me a lot.

While we were having lunch, she was sitting on the pavement and having leftover food that she got from the hotels. My heart cried after seeing all this. I told my parents about that girl.

We went out and talked to her. We were shocked to hear that her father had expired and her mother was ill and could not work. The girl was the only earning member of the family.

She worked hard to get food for herself and her ill mother as well. She worked since early morning to late night and did not get much money. After listening to her sad story, I thought for some time.

I could see the difference between our living conditions.I realized that I kept spending money on unnecessary things and took things for granted. On the other hand, a girl of my age was working hard to earn money .she was even earning for her mother.

I never realized the value of money.but now I could understand how difficult it was to earn money so that one could get the basic necessities of life. my father decided to help her as much as he could. this event changed my life and I began to value money and everything else.

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