Write an Article in About Changing Fashion in India

 Article in About Changing Fashion in India

Fashion in India: Fashion in India Change and variety is another name of fashion Fashion is something which is ‘in’. In other words, fashion means something that is accepted and followed by the masses. Fashion is not restricted to clothing but manners, etiquette’s, and lifestyle.

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Fashion in India

Everybody wants to look smart and attractive, This is because of the inherent natural desire to be seen and admired by others. This makes them feel good about themselves. This desire leads man to adopt fashion and look good.

People who usually are not fashionable and do not adapt to change are looked down as outdated’. The new culture requires a man to be ‘updated’ with the latest fashion and change. Being fashionable highlights the quality of being ‘adaptable to change’, which is the need of the ever-changing world.

Fashion spreads like a fire. Young men and women living in big towns and cities are fashionable. Fashion spreads quickly amongst them with a network of fast and effective means of communication and availability of audiovisual aids such as fashion magazines and channels on television etc.

Many retail outlets have emerged and the new culture of shopping malls have contributed largely to the rapid change of fashion and its awareness.

People of different backgrounds, speaking different languages have different manners,tastes, and styles. In the urban areas, thousands of il people live and mix with each other and change ideas, opinions and interact freely.

There are clubs, societies, social gatherings and get-togethers which bring people in close contact with one another and keep them in touch with the latest fashion and lifestyle.

Our country is progressive in the field of fashion’. India has seen and adapted changing Cushions with time. Earlier fashion in India was more conservative, especially for women.

Changing  Fashion in India

Clothing for women in India has always been In defensive, protective and conservative. olden days, women were always required to cover their heads. This led to low self-esteem In them.

Now with changing times, women have adopted western outfits which make them feel comfortable and confident. Fashion has played a significant role in the lives of women and has greatly changed the Indian society.

Change of fashion has changed the society to have a broader and a modern outlook. A change in lifestyle has resulted in a change in thinking too. Fashion has thus contributed indirectly in removing many social evils.

The need to look good, a desire to be seen and loved has reached the minds of children as well. Children too are well aware of the needs of fashion and latest styles thus making them more informed, smart and confident. Fashion for all age groups has become very casual and comfortable. This attitude has really helped our country grow at a tremendous rate in the field of fashion.

Now, people spend a good amount of their money and earnings to keep themselves in sync with the latest fashion. They are terribly specific regarding their dress, hairstyle, cosmetics, shoes, ornaments, manners, etc. Consequently, the style trade is additionally growing in foreign trade. Many fashion designers are now internationally acclaimed and known.

Fashion has helped our country in marking its place on the world map as well. With the need of changing fashion, fashion designing has emerged as a sought-after career option. The fashion industry is a booming business.

Fashion consciousness is healthy only if it is in the limit. It is sometimes linked with immorality. Sometimes, folks follow fashion blindly and pay extravagantly on the most recent fads and run when them at the expense of valuable time, energy, and resources.

One should follow fashion by being conscious of what suits their personality. It is smart to be trendy however it’s higher to be straightforward and dignified as a result of simplicity with dignity is that the best and evergreen fashion

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