Childhood Memories Essay on Paragraph for Students

Childhood Memories Essay Summary

Childhood Memory: The charm of childhood cannot be forgotten. The childhood days are the golden days. These days are more precious than any other period of one’s life . They are full of fun, frolic, and innocent pleasure. These memories leave an everlasting impression on one’s life. 

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Childhood Memories

I was the only son of my parents. So they loved me very much. I was carefree and without any worries at all. I had a friend in my childhood days. She was very sweet and lovely. We used to play together and enjoy it. Everything was then so simple, innocent, divine, and wonderful. We made paper-boats on rainy days, and my mother helped us float them in the rainwater. We were then afraid of going into the dark as we believed ghosts roamed around in the darkness.

When my friend was picking flowers from their garden, she would call me. We both collected flowers, caught beautiful butterflies and glowworms together, and enjoyed our activities very much. We often ran after the grasshoppers and little birds. We read in the same class. We often recited aloud the rhymes from our books.

We shared many things in common, such as playing, dancing freely, chatting aimlessly, and enjoying sweets and other tasty things. How wonderful and exciting are these memories of childhood? There were certain incidents that are still fresh in my memory. One winter, my parents took me to a lovely spot for a picnic. Some of our neighbours were also with us. When we reached there, we were charmed by the beauty of a small lake and the lovely garden surrounding it.

While our parents were engaged in cooking, I began to play with other children. Suddenly, our ball fell into the water. A boy asked me to collect it. I was a little nervous. He ordered me again loudly. So I went down to the edge of the lake and tried my best to collect the ball.

Childhood Memories Essay Summary

But the ball was out of my reach. When I took a step forward, I fell into the water and cried. I did not know how to swim. Soon I realised that I was going down under the water. Just at that time, my father jumped into the water and started to swim. Soon he caught my hand and rescued me from the deep water. I was brought to the bank of the lake. My mother firmly took me into her bosom. I was really, very much grateful to my father for giving me a new life. We three began to shed tears in joy, and the others also cheered us. 

One of the shocking memories of my childhood was the death of my dear uncle. He lost his life due to a street accident. He loved me very much. He used to buy toys, toffees, and my other favourite food items for me. I too loved him very much. So I was very unhappy about not seeing my uncle. I used to pray to God to give him back to me. 

The memories of my childhood are still haunting my mind and I wish they would return again in my life. The days when I liked to watch the tricks of a juggler, the peculiar activities the clowns performed in the circus, and enjoy the various tasty foods the street hawkers sold, would never come back again.

Wordsworth, the great romantic poet of England, thought that ‘Heaven lies about us in our infancy’, and that our childhood days are full of innocent pleasure, thrill, and entertainment. I am growing in age and I am feeling deeply the great attraction in me for those happy days of my sweet childhood.

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