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Computers Changed Our Life : Essay For Student in English

Computers Changed Our Life: Science has gifted us many wonderful things that have affected our lives and made it easy going, fast and convenient.

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Computer That Changed Our Life

Computers Changed Our Life: Computers are definitely one of them and now they have become an indispensable part of our lives. Ever since computers were introduced in our country, our country is developing rapidly and is now counted among the emerging advanced nations of the world.

India is now recognized on the world map for its software and hardware engineers and reputed companies, who are working all over the world and making new inventions in the field of computer technology.

How to Computers Changed Our Life:

Computers Changed Our Life: Computers have revolutionized the world completely. Everything now is being functioned through computers. Its use is wide and varied in all the fields like corporate houses, military, agriculture, medicine, banks, transport, post and telegraph, weather forecasting, communications, etc.

Advantages of computers are many. They make calculations much faster and more accurately, analyze data that facilitates fast decision making, and maintains records. With its increasing importance in our lives, we are getting completely dependent on the computer.

We find computers in companies, where all the data is stored in them. This has reduced paperwork largely, thereby contributing to the betterment of our environment. With the help of computers, all the business enterprises, big or small, can be accessed through their websites that provide all the information about their business and track new opportunities.

This is all done at very low cost and high pace. Computers have proved to be beneficial especially in banking too, where functioning has become simple, smooth, quick and convenient with global secure transactions at a click of a button.

How to Computers Changed Our Life

Computers have transformed the functioning of the means of communication absolutely. In early ages, it took days and weeks to communicate through letters. Now, with computer facility available easily, communication is carried out through emails within a short period of time.

With the new technologies coming up, the world seems to be small and so well connected that any information required on any subject is immediately gathered using internet on computers or mobile phones. In addition, various websites on the internet keep many people connected all over the world. This is all possible through computers only.

doctors about new technologies and new methods of treatments. With the extensive use of computers in our life, we cannot imagine our lives without it. We are well connected, better informed and are leading convenient lives because of computer systems.

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