Role of media in our Life Essay: Role of Media Today

Role of Media in our Life: The newspaper plays a vital role in a democracy India. The newspapers are the most important effective media for getting acquainted with the modern world. They help us to get information about current events which are happening around us. Every morning, the newspaper brings us a basketful of news and comments on important matters concerning social political, economical, cultural or religious affairs, in addition to various types of information about book reviews, special meetings, amusements, share market reports, trade notices, appointments and advertisements of numerous commodities or products.

Essay on Role of Media in India

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The journalists are expected to be honest, bold respectable in their character, and their voice must be clear and unambiguous. They should not be influenced by any evil design. An innocent reader believes in what the newspaper says. There is an element of credibility in the written word, which makes the readers addicted to it The proverb, ‘Pen is mightier than the sword’ is truly applicable in the case of newspapers.

The newspapers help in bringing out the desired social, cultural and political changes in society. They may be effectively used as an instrument of national integrity, unity, harmony and solidarity. They also can help in removing social evils, such as superstitions, dowry, evils of untouchability, communalism and casteism.

The newspapers help in formation of public opinion on matters of national and global importance. They not only mold but also reflect public opinion. The editorial and the other leading articles play a pivotal role in the matter. They give their own honest, just and right opinions on various critical problems facing the country. Therefore, they lead the masses in the right direction. The newspapers have the noble duties and responsibilities in making the people conscious about their health hazards, their rights and privileges as citizens or about the right or wrong actions of political leaders or the government in intrinsic matters concerning the public.

Role of Media in our life Essay

The newspapers have a great educational value. They can publish the latest news of the current scientific researches, discoveries and inventions and such other valuable information. People can know of the latest ideas and thoughts of the world famous writers, poets, thinkers, scientists, reformers, philosophers and politicians. One can easily get an idea of how our country is advancing in the fields of sports and games.

Thus newspapers play an important role in educating the public. They make us realize our duties and responsibilities. They give their own honest, just and right opinions on various critical problems facing the country and thus lead the masses to think over them partially. Again, the government and the people that it cannot remain indifferent to criticism, comments in a democracy opinion expressed against them in the newspapers democracy. In many cases, the newspapers play an important role to change the decisions of the government that affects public interest.

Role of Media Paragraph

The editor of a newspaper has a very important role to play. It is true that today almost all the newspapers, consciously or unconsciously, are colored by their own definite policies. This is invariably because most newspapers get their allegiance to some top business house or a political party that have a pro-or anti government leaning. The average readers are sometimes wrongly influenced by their prejudiced reporting.

Obviously, newspapers can play a vital role in the reconstruction and regeneration of a country. During our struggle for independence, the press played its important, constructive role. The great leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Tilak, Aurobinda and many others published and edited newspapers and magazines or wrote articles or reviews full of patriotic fervor and nationalism that played a very positive role in quickening the process of national struggle for freedom.
The newspapers have a positive role to play in a democracy. They have a great responsibility to justify the trust posed on them by the public.

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