Describe Place Countryside Essay In English Words

Countryside : Last summer I had the pleasure of visiting the native village of our family with my parents. The name of the village is Rasulpur. It is not very far from Kolkata. Many of our relatives still live there and my parents were going to meet them. They decided to stay there for a week. I had read about the villages of our country and wanted to visit a village with my own eyes. The more I read about them the more I cherished to see one for myself. And at last my dream came true.

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Countryside Essay In English Words

Early in the morning we came to Howrah Station and took a train. I took the seat beside a window and looked outside. As the train was moving fast, the very air seemed to taste sweet. There were green fields all around. The farmers were busy with their works, some of them were watering the plants while others were digging carefully. After three hours, we got down at a small station. My father showed me the name of the station written on both sides of the platforms.

I felt happy because at last I reached at a real village.The stationmaster was my uncle. He came out of his office and greeted us. Soon a cart came and we boarded it to reach our destination. My uncle had already arranged the cart for us. Going through the village, I had a strange feeling. The road was muddy. There were no city crowds, no maddening din of work-a-day world. No one seemed to be in a hurry. Above all, there was no terror of speeding traffic.

We saw village people outside their houses doing different types of household work. Some were feeding the ducks while others were cleaning the house or looking after the cows and goats. Some old people were sitting in the open air and smoking ‘hookah’ while chatting among themselves. The women were washing cookeries or clothes.

The children were running and playing joyfully. When they saw the cart, they stopped their games in order to watch us. I enjoyed the scene very much. The children then started to run after our cart. Soon we reached our uncle’s home. Everyone became happy to see us and greeted warmly.

Countryside Essay In English Words

In the afternoon, my uncle took me to visit the village. We came to the greenfields and saw the beauty of nature. The paddy fields were almost golden as it was harvest time. Full grown, bountiful crops were waving with the air. It seemed to me that they were smiling at me. We stood on the edge of a field and saw the expanse of land before us, laden with the fruit of human toil. The scenery really fascinated me very much.

Some wealthy farmers had electricity in their mouses though most of the villages remained dark at night. There were tractors in some of the farmer’s houses. I also saw the pump sets in the fields pouring water on the plants. My uncle told me that Rasulpur is quite developed unlike the other nearest villages, though there were no pacca street in the village.

Next I saw the village school. It was a small school with four rooms. The children usually sat on coir mats. I saw that the children were playing outside as the school was over. There was no hospital in the village, but only a health centre where the poor villagers used to come for their treatment. But the health clinic did not have enough beds for patients.

Then we visited the village temple beside a small stream. The site was really very beautiful. There was a deep well in front of the temple surrounded by green trees. For a moment, I forgot our city world sitting under the calm, peaceful shades of those green trees. I was told that there were no cinema houses in the village. The villagers had to wait for the weekly ‘haat’ or market for their daily needs. I liked the village life and made up my mind that I would try to serve the village in future when I grew older. I must work for the improvement of our native village.

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