Effects of Internet: The Benefits and Risks of the Internet of Effects

Effects of Internet: The world is at our fingertips. This is possible through internet. The discovery of internet has changed the world and the lives of people. The world is well connected now. Communication through the internet is now possible in any corner of this world. The Internet has thus, contracted the world.

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Essay :The Future of the Internet of Effects

The innovation of www (World Wide Web) has transformed the world itself. WWW is the search results or the sites corresponding to the user’s query and display the list of documents called websites. On the website, one click makes the user find out any information required on any topic from any part of this world.

It is because of the internet that we can send and receive emails instantly from anywhere in the world. Earlier it used to take weeks to reach letter from one place to another. The Internet has facilitated communication through emails as a cheaper and faster mean. It has also helped industries and businesses to grow and expand because the information can be shared so easily spontaneously.

Most of the communication professionally and personally is done through internet. People spend most of their time in front of their computers accessing the internet. All the companies have their own websites. Internet on a personal basis has been proved as a blessing a lot of things can now be done sitting at home. hat example, buying and selling of a home, cars, Furniture, etc.

looking for bride and groom on the Internet at matrimonial websites, looking for a job, booking of rail and air tickets, bookings of diotels, paying of taxes, applying for a passport, nice. These activities earlier were cumbersome and took a lot of time. These are now done with ease. Standing in the long queue for the above activities was common. The Internet is a big respite In such cases.

The Future of the Internet of Effects

The Internet has played a significant role in the field of medicine. Videos of complex surgeries are uploaded on the websites that the doctors all over the world can see and apply. In many complicated cases, earlier the doctors used to come from other countries to perform surgeries that increased the cost largely. Video conferencing through the internet has made things simpler as the specialized doctor directs the other doctor to perform without being physically present.

A new concept of ‘work from home’ is possible only through the internet. A person saves a lot of cost, time, and money of the company by simply working from home through chatting and video conferencing through the internet. He needs not have a proper office set up but still can run the company.

Social networking is the new craze that has taken the world in its grip. This is again possible only through the internet. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., have become popular. People from the entire world are connected with each other. Whichever place of the world a person is, he can conveniently get connected to anybody in this world. Sharing of information, photos, news updates, everything is now possible through internet.

Any information like from getting recipes, downloading movies, songs, games, shopping, is there with the help of internet within seconds. The Internet has therefore given a new lifestyle that has broadened the horizon of thinking of the people.

Effects of Internet 

The Internet is also a great help to the students who can learn almost anything through the internet. Children have become very inquisitive and proactive in life. The Internet has a big role in this. With any information available on the internet, children first access the information from websites before they can get it from anywhere else. This is helping the new generation in becoming more 

knowledgeable and learned. They can see any topic on the internet which answers their queries. With the advantages of the internet, there are few disadvantages also. The Internet is becoming an addiction to everyone. The Internet has replaced books largely. Children are sitting in front of computers for long rather than doing physical exercise. This also affects their health. 

With any information available easily on the internet, children sometimes access information which is too early for their age to know. This is harming their healthy mental growth and forcing them to things that are not suitable for them. They are growing faster than their age. Crime rates are also increasing the excess of information on the internet. Invasion of privacy caused by internet is scary. People upload objectionable videos of other people without their knowledge.

Keeping in mind the advantages and the disadvantages of the internet, it is true that it has changed our lives largely. Now we cannot imagine our life without internet but for a clean society and healthy thinking, we have to set our limits to the access of internet.

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