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Enid Blyton: Biography The Queen of Children’s Literature

Enid Blyton: Enid Blyton was a British writer who published over 600 children’s or juvenile books during her 40-year career. Blyton’s most famous series was The Famous Five. Her works celebrated good food, a spirit of comradeship, and honesty. By the 1980s, Blyton’s books had sold some 60 million copies and had been translated into nearly seventy languages.

The Life and Work of Enid Blyton

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Enid Blyton was born on August 11, 1897, in London, in a small flat above a shop in East Dulwich. She was the eldest of three children. Her father, Thomas Carey Blyton, had many talents: he painted in watercolors, wrote poetry, learned to play piano, taught himself foreign languages, and was a photographer. He dealt with his kids’ tuition-based school expenses and sent routinely cash to help his family. 

From her most punctual youth, Blyton had been educated in the conviction that she would, in the long run, be a performer. Be that as it may, she had likewise begun to compose and send stories, articles, and sonnets to different periodicals. In spite of the fact that her family thought, that a large portion of her composing was an exercise in futility, she stayed unfaltering.

Her initially distributed ballad, entitled Have You-? – showed up in Nash’s Magazine (1917). Blyton’s first book, Child Whispers (1922), was a gathering of the refrain. This twenty-four-page work was trailed by Real Fairies: Poems (1923), Responsive Singing Games (1923), The Enid Blyton Book of Fairies (1924), Songs of Gladness (1924), The Zoo Book (1924), also, different books distributed by J. Saville and Newnes. 

In 1924, Blyton wedded Hugh Pollock, a proofreader of the book branch of George Newnes.

 Blyton’s first full-length kids’ experience book, The Secret Island, was distributed in 1938. This quick moving story, woven around natural characters, prompted such arrangement as The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, the Adventure arrangement, the Mystery arrangement, and the Barney’ Mystery books. 


Amid World War II, when distributing was confined, Blyton figured out how to get her functions printed. Amid the next decades, she governed the field of adolescent writing. Blyton could compose 10,000 words every day, which empowered all her up to her huge yield. In 1940, eleven books were distributed under her name, including The Secret of Spiggy Holes, which had seemed prior in sequential structure in Sunny Stories, Twenty-Minute Tales and Tales of Betsy May, the two accumulations of short stories, The Children of Cherry Tree Farm, and a storybook yearly for the News Chronicle. The rest of brought out by George Newnes, who proceeded as Blyton’s primary distributor. Under the nom de plume Pollock, she composed Three Boys and a Circus and Children of Kidillin.


Blyton’s marriage finished in 1942. One year from now, she wedded Kenneth Darrell Waters, a moderately aged specialist. A detonating shell at the ‘Skirmish of Jutland’ amid the First World War had forever weakened his hearing yet assisted with a portable amplifier; he could get Blyton’s discourse. He was additionally really intrigued by her work and they shared numerous interests in like manner, including planting. 

In 1945, Blyton chose to wrap up her segment for the Teachers World. After seven years, she pulled back from Sunny Stories. In 1953, showed up the main version of Enid Blyton Magazine. Customary news was given for supported clubs. The Famous Five Club started through a progression of books about the ‘Well known Five’. After the production of the principal story in 1942, another title pursued every year.

Enid Blyton’s Famous Characters

 In 1949, seemed Little Noddy Goes to Toyland, an account of a little toy man, who dependably winds up stuck in an unfortunate situation and needs to look for assistance from his Toyland companions. Its deals surpassed desires.

Toward the finish of the 1990s, well more than 300 Blyton titles were still in print, including versions of the Famous Five stories connected to the prominent TV serialization (1995) and current experience recreations, likewise dependent on the ‘Well known Five’ arrangement. 

Enid Blyton Magazine was shut in 1959. In the mid-sixties, the writer discovered it progressively hard to focus on composing. Her significant other kicked the bucket in 1967. Amid the months that pursued, her own disease deteriorated.

Blyton kicked the bucket in her rest on November 28, 1968, in a Hampstead nursing home. In spite of the fact that her books have been condemned for bigotry, sexism, and pretentiousness, they have constantly discovered new perusers from new ages. “She was a kid, she thought as a tyke and she composed as a tyke,” as the therapist, Michael Woods abridged the mystery of her composition.

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