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Essay Describe A Journey Car Short Words Paragraph

Journey Car: My father bought a new car one day. We were all very excited. He promised to take us to Shimla on Sunday to visit my grandparents. Sunday morning was bright and breezy. We hopped into the brand new car and soon we were heading out of Delhi towards the expressway. My mother sat in the front passenger seat while my father drove. I sat behind with my younger sister.

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 A Journey Car Short Words Paragraph

Being a holiday, the roads were not very busy that day. Soon we were on the expressway traveling at a leisurely pace. My father is a careful driver and he does not drive too fast or negligently. He put on the music system in the car. While my father started enjoying driving his new car, we all enjoyed the drive itself. as We passed through a lot of villages and saw cows and buffaloes. The village people stopped their work and stared at us. We waved at them and they waved back. After driving continuously for a while, we stopped at a resort to have some refreshments. My father was tired and decided to rest for some time. As I was excited to resume the car journey, I forced my parents to hurry up.

A Paragraph About Journey Car

Once on the expressway again, my sister took out her favorite storybook and started reading it. I also took out my video game to play. Driving along the expressway tends to be monotonous after some time. I actually fell asleep once we crossed Chandigarh. When I woke up, we were already among the hills. My mother gave me some fruit to eat. On the way, we passed many interesting sights. There were tall trees standing high on the hills and mountains. I could see beautiful birds flying in the sky. I opened my window and took some fresh air. It was so peaceful and calm.

Driving in the hills is full of thrills. The roads are steep and curvy. My father was very cautious here as driving up the hills is a bit tough. We could see many cars and tourist buses along the way. A number of tourists visit Shimla on the weekends. Usually, it takes more than seven hours to reach this place if one travels by bus. We had reached the place in almost six hours as we came by our new car.

Finally, we reached our grandparents’ house and my father stopped the car outside the gate. The journey had been smooth and fun-filled. I thanked my parents for the wonderful time I had during the car journey. My grandparents welcomed us with smiles. I told them about the memorable car journey. They were happy to see my excitement.

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