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Essay on My School for Student -Essay on My School

My School : A school is a sacred seat of learning. I read in a well- known school. The name of my school is Green Park Higher Secondary School. It is a big co-educational school with thousands of pupil and more than forty teachers. It is situated near Park Avenue, Kolkata.

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The school building is big and beautiful with a spacious ground in front of it. There is a small park at the backyard. During tiffin hours, the children are used to go there to play. Our school compound is fairly large. There are fifty classrooms, a big hall, a large library, two science laboratories and four staff rooms in my school. It also has another large hall for cultural activities. Our principal’s room is at the ground floor. d Just beside the principal’s room, there is a visitor’s room. Our principal is an well-educated person who always keeps a strict eye upon the students. Our teachers are also very efficient and energetic. They love us all and guide us in the best possible way.

There are about 2500 students—both boys and girls—in my school. Education is imparted in all the four streams–arts, science, commerce and computers. O Our 45 staff members are well-trained and work a lot for the benefit of the students. Our students are also well-behaved and respect all the teachers and the principal.

About My School for Student

Our school has a very good library with a fair collection of books on different subjects. Students can read books sitting in the large reading room adjacent to the library room. Our school laboratories are also well-equipped with necessary apparatus and scientific instruments.

There is a large playground in front of our school, students play football, cricket, volleyball and other games. There is a grand swimming pool at the backyard of our school building where every facility is provided to the students to learn swimming. We also have a nice canteen where some eatables, like tea, coffee, snacks and cold drinks are always available at subsidised rates.

In the academic field, our school has made a mark. Our students secure good ranks in the board examinations. Brilliant students are given extra coaching to secure good marks. Those who are poor and needy but meritorious can enjoy special stipends and scholarships. Thus, our school is considered as one of the best schools in Kolkata.

I have been reading in this school for the last four years. I spend my hours more happily in the school than at home. I can read, play and enjoy time with my friends, and our teachers guide us like our elders in every step of our life. I am very proud to be a student of this great school. I really love and respect my school.

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