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Book Fair: Book Fair Journey There is a big playground near my house. Since the past few days, I could see that it was getting ready for a big fair. A huge merry-go-round was set up in the middle of the ground. It was visible from my house and was attracting me. I was waiting anxiously for the fair to begin.

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The day the fair began, I was impatient to go there with my father and mother. The atmosphere at the fair was cheerful and lively. The place was lit up beautifully. It was a festive atmosphere there.

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Everybody had a smile on their faces. It seemed that after a hectic day, people loved to come to the fair for a good change. The place was crowded with men, women, and children.

Apart from the merry-go-round, there were many other rides like the roller coaster, motorized cars, Ferris wheel, water slides and so on. There was a long queue near the ticket counters of each ride. Children were waiting for their chance to ride on them.

I wanted to enjoy on almost all the rides. While my parents waited for me, I had fun on the rides. My head was spinning after the roller coaster ride but I was eager to try the other rides as well.

While riding on the Ferris wheel, I could see the view of the whole city. It looked beautiful with small huts and buildings. But I enjoyed the most on the merry-go-round. I sat on the horse and felt as if I was riding it.

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There were many stalls in the fair selling a variety of items such as delicacies, clothes, toys, handicraft, utensils, etc. We visited the food stalls first. To our surprise, we found that there were stalls selling food items from all the states of India. We tried most of the food items and found them all tasting different.

We then moved towards the entertainment section. There we saw clowns roaming around and amusing people with their antics. I got a chance to view through the kaleidoscope. There was also a telescope through which we could see the stars clearly. A circus and magic show were also around.

Many hawkers were roaming around selling fancy toys, puppets, and balloons. Children gathered around them and requested their parents to buy them all the stuff.

I also bought a few of them. My mother then took us to stalls selling household items. The stalls were crowded with women who were. busy selecting the best articles for their use. My mother, too, bought several items from there.

My father was attracted to the bookstore there. He bought several books for me and himself.

Everybody in the fair was having a good time and looked happy. There was almost everything for all age groups. It was a nice evening spent in fun and frolic.

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