“Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed” Biography, Note

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed” Article, Note

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed‘ was born on May 13, 1905, in Hauz Qazi area of Old Delhi. His father’s name was Cornel  Zalnur Ali Ahmed. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was born in a well-known Muslim family.

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Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed took part in the freedom movement. In order to play an active role in the Satyagraha movement, the English government sent them to jail. In 1957, he led the Indian delegation to the UNO. He worked as Cabinet Minister in the Ministry of Irrigation and Energy. He also served as Education Minister. He also served as Minister of Agriculture. On August 25, 1974, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed received the presidency. He was sworn in as the fifth President of the country.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed died on February 11, 1977. He was a man with an exemplary personality. He will be remembered as a vivid example of a true nationalist and secular policy.

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