My Family Essay -What Happens to My Family

My Family – I was born in a middle-class family in Odisha. My parents are very nice people. They love me and my younger sister very much. My grandparents also stay with us. They love us all and always take care of me and my sister. My grandfather is a retired school teacher. He was the headmaster of a boys’ school.

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He loves to read books, magazines, newspapers etc. and tells stories to me and my sister. He is a man of strong personality and everyone in our family respects him and never disobeys him. My grandmother is very active although she is past sixty. She specially looks after me and my sister and does her best to keep us in comfort.

She often helps my mother to prepare food and other household works. She is an early riser and her first duty is to offer prayers to her gods and goddesses with flowers and fruits. We all get ‘Prasada’ from my grandmother. She is really very affectionate to us all and loves her home and family more than anything else. (My father works in a government organization.

He is a responsible officer and he has taught me the dignity of labour. I have learnt how to do my own work myself not depending on any other person. My father loves me and my little sister. On holidays, my father plays cricket with me and my friends. He is really an excellent cricketer. He always defeats us.

My Family Paragraph Essay for Student

My grandfather often performs as an umpire sitting in an armchair at a distance. From my father, I have learnt to be honest and truthful in life. I am not afraid of telling the truth and standing up for the right. But there is one weakness in him. He has a habit of smoking which my mother always objects.

She tries to tell him about the bad after-effects of excessive smoking but my father only smiles.  My mother is an ideal woman to me. She is full of love, affection, kindness and patience. She is always smiling. My mother is a successful housewife. She always remains alert about the comforts of everyone in the family.

She has to get up early in the morning to prepare our breakfast, tiffin as well as meals. I wonder sometimes how she manages to make delicious meals for us, keep our home neat and clean, get our uniforms washed and ironed and tiffin boxes packed. My mother seems to have boundless energy. In the evening, she helps me and my sister to complete our home works.

Paragraph for School Student Essay My Family

Sometimes, she has to go for shopping of household goods, clothes and provisions for the family. She also consults our house physician about the health of my aged grandparents and buys medicines for them.

I love my mother very much. Everyone in my family loves her and depends on her. She has taught me discipline, manners and the sense of duty towards others in the family and in the society. My mother is a woman of few words. But whenever there is a problem, we are sure that she will find a perfect solution.

My younger sister reads in the upper K.G. She is only four years old. We all love this little girl. Ours is a happy family.

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