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My Favorite Teacher: Teachers are the real makers of a nation. They are the very torchbearers of deep knowledge and profound wisdom, and they remove the darkness of ignorance. An ideal teacher is one who is a real friend, guide, master, guru, and preceptor to his pupils. He should have a strong moral character and take personal responsibility for shaping his students’ overall development.

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Mrs. Roy is, in my eyes, really an ideal teacher. She is around forty years of age, with sound health and a friendly appearance. There is always a sweet smile on her lips. She teaches us English and history. She is really a storehouse of deep knowledge and wisdom. She teaches us sincerely and always helps us to overcome our problems related to the subjects.

She is full of love and compassion for the students and leaves no stone unturned to make them imbibe knowledge about the concerned subjects. She spends her time and energy encouraging the students to learn more and more.

She never believed in physical punishment. She believes firmly that example is better than perception and moulds us accordingly. She is a strict follower of discipline. While teaching, she keeps herself lively and in good humour. Her sound arguments and easy explanations attract the students to attend her classes. She explains the lessons till every student is satisfied. We have to do our tasks regularly under her sincere guidance.

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Mrs. Roy has really good command and knowledge of her subjects. In her spare time, she is frequently seen reading books. She is an inspiring teacher, and her method of teaching has made her one of the most admirable teachers in our school. Aside from her teaching abilities, she is very kind and sympathetic to all the students. Her students also love and respect her very much. She never hurts the sentiments of any student as she is well versed in reading the child’s mind.

These days, it is very difficult to find an ideal teacher. But Mrs. Roy can easily be called an ideal teacher for her compassion, simplicity, truthfulness, and dedication to the cause of education and learning. I am really proud of this teacher of mine. She knows that the teaching profession is really a noble one, as teachers are the builders of a nation. Her habits are simple and exemplary. She always takes care of her physical fitness and tells us to be careful about our health.

Mrs. Roy is really an ideal teacher, not only to me but to many other students. We all like her simplicity, her broad outlook, her strength of character, her love and compassion for us and, above all, her profound knowledge and wisdom. She is never proud or arrogant. She is a good debater and keeps the audience spellbound with her powerful oratory. I am really proud of my ideal teacher.

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