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Elizabeth Blackwell: The First Woman Doctor in the United States

Elizabeth Blackwell is the first woman doctor in the United States. The Donaldson of the Conservative society tells him that if she could become a woman doctor in this situation, then his hard feelings would have been less. she also meant Elizabeth, ‘Elizabeth, you have the mentality of being a physician, personality, and hard work. Speaking to the family members of the desire to be a doctor, they also reminded the person of that wish but reminded Elizabeth that it was impossible for a doctor to be able.

The Fight for Women’s Rights in Medicine: The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell

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Born:     3 February 1821
Bristol, England
Died :    31 May 1910

Elizabeth Blackwell Short Words life

Because at that time the study of medical science is very expensive and till then no woman was in that profession. she started with the responsibility of governors, in the home of a doctor named Doctor John Dixon. Besides, she was learning various aspects of medical science from the doctor. Elizabeth was admitted to Geneva Medical College in New York on November 6, 1947. His thesis was published in ‘Buffalo Medical Journal’.

On 23 January 1849, Elizabeth received ‘Doctor of Medicine Degree’ from Geneva Medical College. Then Elizabeth studied women and children’s health in France’s La Maternity Hospital and later in London’s Bartholomew Hospital.

In 1951 she returned to the United States again. she also operated a free health care center for small and medium scale children and helpless women in hundreds of adolescents.

After some time, she closed the center and started a new hospital called New York Infirmary for Individual Women and Children. She was accompanied by two sisters Emily and Mary, who trained her.

Besides, she founded the Women Medical College of the New York Infirmary in 1968 with the help of 9 finance and 15 students, with the help of his own money and liberal people. In 1877, she retired from his career.

The United States first female doctor died on 31 May 1910.

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