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Short Words Life About “Farmers” Paragraph

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Farmer: India is the land of farmers and agriculture is the main occupation here. Farmers are an important part of the society. Agriculture totally depends on farmers as they are the ones who cultivate crops. It is because of the farmer’s hard work that we get grains for food.


In India, farmers usually live in villages where they grow crops and look after them till harvest time. A few years back, they did not have modern equipment and machinery for farming. They depended on bullocks and plow to till the land and sow seeds. Therefore, their life was very tough. Sometimes, they did not even have the basic necessities of life such as a proper house, food, clothing, and shelter.

With the development of science and technology, the lives of Indian farmers have improved a lot. They can now plow land with tractors and water the crops with tube wells. There are modern machines to harvest the crops as well. ob Jis yo no crops as well.

About Farmer Life  Paragraph

The life of an Indian farmer is very difficult. He works in his field the whole day long. His family also helps him in his work. He even works in extreme weather conditions – under the burning sun, in the rain and even in biting cold.


A farmer’s day begins early in the morning and he returns home in the evening, tired and exhausted. He takes great care of his crops as they are the source of income for him. He plows the fields and sows seeds. When the plants begin to grow, he waters them. In order to keep his crops healthy and free from pests, he sprays insecticide and pesticide. A farmer inspects his crops on a daily basis to prevent them from drying. He is thrilled to see his crops growing and bearing fruits.


During the harvest season, a farmer and his family remain busy. They reap the crops and keep them in storehouses so that they do not get destroyed. Then they sell the crops in the market. The money that they get is again spent on buying seeds for the next cropping season.


In India, the farmer faces a lot of hardships while growing crops. He hopes for the best crop but the crops are sometimes destroyed by nature in the form of drought, flood, and untimely or uneven rains. Many times, it is destroyed by hailstorm, mist, or fog. Pests and some insects too are harmful to the crops as they eat away the leaves and shoots of plants. In case of crop failure, the farmers suffer huge losses.

They are unable to sell the poor quality yield in the market. Sometimes the loss is so huge that the farmers resort to extreme steps of suicide Several government and non-governmental organizations are coming forward to help the farmers. They are being taught modern methods of farming which giver better quality yield. They are also given good quality seeds, pesticides, and manure. The government also provides the farmer’s loan facilities through cooperative societies and rural banks with minimum interest rates. These positive steps have helped improve the living conditions of the farmers.

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