Favorite Teacher Essay in English : My Favorite Teacher for School Student

Favorite Teacher: Favorite Teacher I was a shy boy and did not interact much with my classmates. I was an average boy in the class. However, I wanted to have too many friends around, but could not make it myself.

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Essay on Favorite Teacher Paragraph

My classmates and teachers did not give much attention to me. Most of the time, I ate my lunch alone, while others had it in the group. This made me felt miserable and did not like my school much.

At the beginning of the new session, a new teacher joined our school and she became our new class teacher. Her name was Mrs. Jabeen. In the first few classes, she also did not pay much attention to me.

Even though she saw me, she gave me my own time to open up with her. I was one day sitting the class alone when she came and talked to me.

I liked that I am finally getting her attention and she is nice to me, unlike the other teachers. She encouraged me for a lot of things. It gave me the confidence to participate in class activities.

I was happy and the next day, I looked forward to some words of appreciation from her. In the class, she admired my skills in mathematics. This recognition made me felt little better. It was because of her efforts that I could make friends. My social skills improved and soon I had a big group of friends.

Her appreciation also encouraged me to perform better in studies. As I was a happy child now, I gained confidence and became a better person. My classmates started liking me.

Favorite Teacher : Essay on Paragraph

One day the dates of sports day were announced and the children were asked to give their names for various events. I did not even think of it as I had never participated earlier.

It was again Mrs. Jabeen, who came and told me to at least try. She again encouraged me to go forward. She helped me during the practice sessions. She went out of the way to encourage me. It was because of her that I working hard to keep up her expectations. She showed my real potential. I came first in the race.

I was very happy but Mrs. Jabeen was happier. It was only because of her blessings and hard work that I had achieved success in my life. The other children and teachers were surprised too.

She is my favorite teacher as she could identify my problems and she worked on it to make me a better person. I owe her a lot and thank her for everything. Teachers help us make our future. We should respect them. I will never forget Mrs. Jabeen ever in my life.

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