First Day At My School : Essay For School Student All Class

First Day At My School: It was my first day of the school and first day of the new session too. There were few new students in school in other classes too.

First Day At My School: Essay on Short Words

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First Day At My School: It was my first day of the school and first day of the new session too. There were few new students in school in other classes too.

My parents accompanied me to school on the first day. Other parents accompanied their children as well. We all waited in front of the school gate.

The teachers guided the students to their respective classes. Soon a teacher came and led us to some classrooms. The parents were asked to leave their children with the teachers.

This was when some small children began to cry as the parents were not allowed into the classrooms. I did not cry because I had changed a school before also. I was prepared for this. My mother wished me good luck for the first day and went home.

As I reached the class, it was a nice class and the students welcomed me nicely. They were all very friendly. I introduced myself and asked their names. It was an enjoyable time for me as I got to know my new classmates. The teacher came and asked us our names as all children were new to her.

I was amused by the classroom as it was well decorated. On the first day, the teacher gave us a welcome card made by her. We were given the new books.

First Day At My School : Essay Paragraph

First Day At My School: Since I was not familiar with the school building, I asked a classmate to help me out with the way to the washroom and the canteen. Is name was Rahul. He became my first friend in the school. In the recess, I went with him to the canteen and bought muffins for both of us how the money my mother gave to me.

He also took me to show me the playground, auditorium, and library of the school. I was excited to see them all. On our way, came the Junior classes where the new children continued to sob while their parents looked in anxiously through the windows.

Soon, the recess was over and we came back to our class. After that, the other teachers came for other subjects whom I introduced myself. We got a free period too where I got chance to make other friends. We all talked a lot about our hobbies and families. It was great to know them all.

Finally, the bell rang and it was time for us to go home. Some of us were very relieved by meeting with our parents. I am also happy that my mother is waiting for me at the school gate. I had made many friends. It was a wonderful first day in school

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