My Future Plans Short Essay Example for Students

What I’d Like to Be in the Future Life || Essay for Students

Future Plans: What I’d Like to Be in the Future Life is a mere existence without ambition or purpose. It is ambition that makes life meaningful and significant. It has been wisely said that it is better to have a bad purpose than no purpose at all. Really, it is ambition that urges people to struggle, strive, and finally succeed against all odds. 

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Today, we are at an age when there are many avenues open for us. There are professional courses in almost every field, like engineering, banking, civil services, medicine, law, teaching, and many others. Our future can be well planned if we make the right choice according to our aptitude and interests. Aiming high means hard work, constant endeavour, clarity of vision and, above all, a strong determination. 

For myself, I do not wish to become a multimillionaire. I would like to lead a life full of simplicity and goodness devoted to the service of humanity. I have a dream and an ambition to become a good doctor. I want to do something substantial for the welfare of society. By taking this profession, I can offer direct service to humanity.

There are many other professions that offer more money, power, and glamour, but none of them commands the respect and dignity of a doctor. Only a doctor can give relief to the sufferings of an ailing patient. It is the doctor who can help people prevent the spread of epidemics like cholera, pox, and other infectious diseases. He knows well what measures are necessary to wipe it out. 

In our country, the poor people of remote villages suffer much from illness as there are no good hospitals. The more one reads about it, the more interested one feels in it. 

Essay for Students Future Plans in English

The Ramayana is one of the great epics of the world The book is full of many wise things. It shows us how to obey the elders, as Ram did. Ram, the eldest son of King Dasharath, went into exile because his father promised to do so to one of his wives, Kaikeyee. Ram also decided to follow his father’s promise by agreeing to live in the forest, leaving everything behind. His sense of duty, his truthfulness, his tolerance, etc. prove his greatness.

His activities teach us how to treat others and how to face life. Another great character is Sita, who at once resolved to follow her husband, Ram, to the forest. She made herself ready to accompany her husband, as she thought it was the duty of a true wife. She liked the company of her husband even in the forest better than the comforts and pleasures of the royal palace. 

The book Ramayana also reveals what real brotherly devotion is. Ram is the younger brother of Lakshman, though their mothers are different. Lakshman had deep respect for his elder brother, Ram. So, when he heard that Ram was going away, he immediately got himself ready to follow his elder brother.

Everybody tried to dissuade him, but in vain. Again, Bharat, another brother of Ram, though not of the same mother, did not feel happy when he heard that Ram had gone to the forest. He did not hesitate to blame his mother for doing such a shameful act. He went to the forest to meet Ram and requested him to return to their kingdom. But Ram did not agree to go against his father’s commitment.

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