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Happiest Day In My Life Essay Summary

Happiest Day: It was really a very exciting moment for me when I was chosen to represent my school in the “School Quiz Contest” with my friend and classmate Sunil. We are proud that our school has gone into the final round amongst many other schools in our district. 

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The final contest was to be held after two weeks and was to be telecast live on TV. I was so excited that I could think nothing but quizzing even in my dreams. I thank that my friend Sunil was also living those days in a state of bliss. Our teachers and other classmates were always encouraging us. Almost everyday, our friends and even the junior students used to supply us many relevant quizzes and their answers. We were really lucky enough to have such hearty cooperation, which really stumped us.

 As the final day of the contest was approaching, we shuddered to think if we would be able to keep up the prestige of our school. Everyone was expecting our success. Our teachers blessed us and asked us to be always hopeful and cheerful.

The final contest was held at The Park Hotel, Kolkata, and we two presented ourselves there with our class teacher. The session was scheduled for 12 p.m., and we were expected to arrive an hour earlier. Both Sunil and I were a bit nervous. The quiz programme started and the first question was asked to us by the quizmaster.

This was a very rehearsed question for us—”Who was the first Indian to get an Oscar for designing?” I had seen the question and its answer while revising our knowledge just the very morning. The moment I reply, “Bhanu Attaiya”, he shares the prize for dress design for the Richard Attenborough film Gandhi. Applause broke out. The quizmaster was very much impressed, and our confidence shot sky-high. 

We began to answer all the questions very promptly and correctly, as if we had been given all the questions in advance. The opposing team was a little puzzled at our performance. The only one where we faltered was a simple one, which was—”Who wrote the book Inside Track?” We gave the answer to Jesse Owens, but it was wrong. The correct answer was Carl Lewis. We had to lose two points.

However, in spite of our losing points, we scored the highest and were declared winners. Our joys knew no bounds and Sunil kept me hugging arms for a long time, Tears came to our eyes when our names and the name of our school were announced. We had become heroes overnight and our school, our friends, our parents and other well-wishers were proud of our achievement. A nice programme was held at our school. All the students, the teachers, and the guardians greeted us and blessed us. Our principal said in his emotional speech that we had done a great job and it was a good example and inspiration for fellow students of our school. 

I thank all my teachers and friends, my parents and my school for giving me a chance in the contest and support to earn a few laurels not only for our school but for our city too. That particular day was the happiest day of my life.

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