Importance of Game in Our Life Essay on Short Words

Importance of Game: ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. It means for a healthy and active mind and body, a person needs to play also apart from work and studies.

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Essay on Short Importance of Game

importance of games: Fitness is the new craze these days. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. It is true and applies to everybody. For the overall development of a child, games are as important as studies. To play games is very important for all children for many reasons.

In today’s world, competition is in every field, studies, sports, or work. People who have developed the habit of playing games regularly can maintain good health. Everybody likes games as a result of these keep them physically match and mentally alert. Games facilitate the United States to stay our body active and energetic They help us to face dangers boldly. When a person plays games, his circulation of blood increases and his digestive system improves.

Importance of games and sports essay

importance of games : Games beat in us the spirit of sportsmanship. The games also give a student sense of responsibility and team spirit. The players learn to play together as a team coordinating with each other. In every game, there is a winner and a loser. One of the important aspects of games is this prepares a person to accept defeat. This helps a person to face even the tough situations in life. Good players maintain equability in the event of victory or defeat.

Another benefit of involving games in life is that it also teaches us a sense of discipline. It has been seen that a good player is always disciplined. Alternatively, a disciplined person becomes a good player. A disciplined team has a Greater chance of winning a match than a team which lacks discipline.

Importance of games and sports: Write a Essay and Short Words

Discipline is not only important for the progress of an individual but also necessary for the development of a nation. Mainly, Games provide us with amusement and enjoyment. They refresh our mind and activate our body. They allow us to divert our mind from the daily routine of life. When we play games, we forget all our worries and troubles.

importance of games: The importance of sports and games is being more and more recognized in the Republic of India, from each the tutorial and social points of the reading. In all the schools and colleges sports have become an important part of the curriculum.

Parents too have started giving more and more emphasis on sports activity in school and at home. From very early age, children are taking training in sports. A person, who is a sportsman, is a strong person, both mentally and physically.

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