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J. K. Rowling |BIOGRAPHY|Life History J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling is a British writer best known as the writer of the Harry Potter dream arrangement.

J K Rowling: Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on 31 July 1965, in the curious town of Chipping Sodbury, in Gloucestershire, England. Her dad was Peter James Rowling, and her mom, Anne. Two years in the wake of Rowling was conceived, her mom brought forth a sister, called Diana. Rowling first began making up stories to keep her younger sibling entertained.

Rowling attended school at nearby St. Michael’s village school. Quiet and studious, she did well at school and went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in French and Classics at the University of Exeter. Her student days were happy ones by all accounts, and she was also lucky enough to spend a year studying in Paris.

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After graduating, Rowling moved to London, where she at first started preparing to turn into a bilingual secretary yet her consideration would meander during gatherings as thoughts for stories would come to her while she was meant to be taking dictation.


But her wandering off in fantasy land was to demonstrate unmistakably all the more remunerating over the long haul, for in mid-1990, throughout a long train venture from Manchester to London, she first had the idea for a story about a young boy who goes to study at a school for wizards.

British Novelist About Life

Shortly afterward, she decided to retrain as an English teacher and moved to Portugal, where she met and married a native journalist, called Jorge Arantes, in 1992. She gave birth to their daughter, Jessica Isabel, on 27 July the following year. Sadly, the marriage was fleeting, and the couple isolated just four brief months after the fact.

After a year, Rowling moved back to Britain and went to live in Edinburgh, Scotland. Life as a single mother living on social security in the bleak Scottish winter was dismal. However, similar to every single genuine essayist, she diverted her most exceedingly awful encounters to innovative finishes and utilized her experience of misery as the reason for the bliss sucking apparitions in the Harry Potter books, the Dementors.


Her daily routine included lots of long walks to get her baby daughter to fall asleep, and she would often end up in a cafe. It was here in this Edinburgh bistro that she initially started to set down on paper her thoughts – and the rest, as it’s been said, is history.


Making the character of Harry Potter did not bring medium-term notoriety and fortune for the battling single mum, and there were to be numerous turns and turns en route before Rowling’s quality as a creator was completely perceived.In 1995, she got done with composing ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ on an old manual and sent it out to different artistic specialists.

A peruser called Bryony Evans, at Christopher Little scholarly specialists, rushed to perceive the capability of her work, and the firm immediately consented to speak to her, sending the book out to no less than twelve publishers.

It was to be an entire year before she got the energizing news that her book had discovered a distributer: the fortunate firm was the little distributing place of Bloomsbury.

Rowling was paid the development of £1,500 for her first novel, which was distributed in June 1997, with an underlying print keep running of one thousand duplicates, 500 of which were sold to libraries. Incidentally, these first Harry Potter books are now regarded as collector’s items and are estimated to be worth up to £25,000 apiece.

As her books gained more exposure, Rowling’s talent and ability as a children’s writer were soon recognized. One of the primary honors she won was the much-pined for Nestle Smarties grant – for sure, she proceeded to win the honor three back to back occasions.An award of £8,000 from the Scottish Arts Council empowered her to continue composing full-time – however, inside a generally brief time, she had sold enough books to guarantee her financial security.

In 1998, one short year after her first book had seen print, she sold the film rights for her first two books to Warner Brothers, for an undisclosed seven-figure sum, making her a millionaire overnight. When her fourth book, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ was published, the book broke all previous publishing records, selling over 372,000 copies in the UK on the first day, and over three million copies in the United States within the first 48 hours. Unsurprisingly, Rowling was named Author of The Year at the British Book Awards in 2000.

Life was going well for Rowling on the personal front too: in December 2001, she married Neil Michael Murray, an anesthetist, in a private ceremony at her home in Aberfeldy, Scotland.Rowling and Murray’s son, David Gordon Rowling Murray, was born in March 2003, and she went on to give birth to a daughter, Mackenzie Jean, in January 2005.

Rowling’s books have made her a multi-millionaire, and the 2008 Sunday Times Rich List named her the 144th richest person in Britain.To her credit, she has used her considerable wealth and power to establish herself as a notable philanthropist. Rowling has completed the final installment in the seven-book Harry Potter series, which was published in July 2007.’ The Tales of Beedle The Bard’ was distributed in December 2008 to fund-raise for the Children’s High-Level Group, presently called Lumos. On 12 April 2012, she uncovered the title of her new book ‘A Casual Vacancy’.

Harry Potter is presently a worldwide brand worth an expected $15 billion, and the last four Harry Potter books have continuously established precedents as the quickest selling books in history. The series has been translated into 65 languages.

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