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Essay Biography Jim Corbett

 Hunter of Jim Corbett essay biography

Jim Corbett: Jim Corbett was very fond of photography.
Indo-Chinese Tiger is also known as Carpet Tiger.
After retiring, Jim Corbett also wrote a book titled Man-Eaters of Humayun.
He was also awarded the title of Kaiser-e-Hind in 1928.
Jim Corbett suggested preserving lions. After which the National Park was established.
In 1957, this National Park was named Jim Corbett National Park.

Lucknow. You must have heard the name of Jim Corbett National Park, but the biggest name behind this park is James Edward Jim Corbett who had hunted dozens of man-eating tigers and leopards. With the efforts of Jim Corbett, the country got the first National Park.
Mountain and forest was Corbett’s house Jim Corbett was born in Nainital on July 25, 1875. They are known as environmental protectors. He received the rank of Colonel in the British Indian Army. Jim died in Kenya on April 19, 1955. Because of living in the mountains and the forest, he used to recognize animals by their voice. He was also very attached to the environment and animals.
Life as a railway employee was started In Nainital, he started his early education with Philander Smith College and started working on the railway at the age of 19.
Man-eating tigers and leopards were in a dilemma of Corbett Jim Corbett was called to kill the eater tigers in the then English government Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. In Garhwal and Kumaon, there was a horror of tumultuous lions, which goes to Jim Corbett’s credit for ending.
The first lion killed by Jim Corbett killed 436 people. The first lion killed by Jim Carbat killed 1200 people.
Although the names of Corbett’s names in the documents are about killing 12 lions and leopards, in reality, they hunted more lions than the man-eating lions.
The first leopard that Jim had killed in 1910 killed 400 people. While the second leopard had killed 126 people, Jim had killed him in Rudraprayag in 1926.
Tigers and wild animals were very attached to Loving the lions became loved by them, Corbett never hit a lion who did not kill any man. Due to the love of lions, he suggested making a national park for them.
Jim Corbett lived in Gurney House with his sister Maggi Corbett. Which he sold to Kalawati Verma while traveling to Kenya in 1947, which was later established as Corbett Museum.

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