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Khajuraho Temple | Some Line About Khajuraho Temple

‘Khajuraho’: Located In Chhatarpur District Of Madhya Pradesh.  Khajuraho And Khajur Vladika. There Are A Large Number Of Ancient Hindu And Jain Temples Here.

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Khajuraho Temples: A Symbol of India’s Cultural Heritage

The City Of The Temples Is Famous For The Khajuraho Temples Built With Folded Stones All Over The World. Khajuraho Is Known For Its Ornate Temples, Which Are The Best Medieval Monuments Of The Country.

Besides India, Visitors And Tourists Around The World Continue To See The Symbol Of This Unique Beauty Of Love. The Art Of Hindu Art And Culture Was Engraved On The Stones Of This City During The Medieval Period. Various Art Of Sexual Intercourse Has Been Beautifully Beautified In These Temples.

The History Of Khajuraho Is Almost A Thousand Years Old. This City Was The First Capital Of The Chandel Empire. The Chandel Dynasty And The Founder Of Khajuraho Were Chandravarman.

During The Chandravarman Medieval Period, There Was A Gujjar King Who Ruled In Bundelkhand. They Used To Consider Themselves As Chandra Dynasty. Chandel Kings Ruled In Central India From The Tenth To The Twelfth Century.

The Temples Of Khajuraho Were Built Between 950 Ad And 1050 Ad By These Chandel Kings.  After The Construction Of The Temples, Chandela Transferred His Capital To Mahoba. But Still, The Importance Of Khajuraho Remained Important.

Chandrabardai, The Court Poet Of The Medieval Period, Described The Origin Of Chandel In Mahoba Block Of Prithviraj Raso. He Has Written That Hemwati, The Daughter Of Kashi’s Son-in-law, Was The Master Of Beauty.

Khajuraho Temples: A Journey Through Time and Space

One Day He Was Bathing In The Pond Full Of Lotus Flowers In The Summer Night. Seeing Her Beauty, Lord Chandra Was Fascinated By Them. They Came To Earth In Human Form And Defeated Hemvati. Unfortunately, Hn Was A Widow. She Was The Mother Of A Child. They Accused Chanddev Of Destroying His Life And Abducted His Character.

For The Repentance Of His Mistake, Chandra Swamy Promised Hemvati That He Would Be The Mother Of A Brave Son. Chanddev Said That He Should Take His Son To Khajurpura.

He Said That He Would Become A Great King. On Becoming King, He Will Build Many Temples Surrounded By Gardens And Lakes. Chandra Told Hemwati That After Becoming A King Your Son Will Organize A Huge Yagna That Will Ruin Your Sins. Following Chandra’s Instructions, Hemvati Left Her Home To Give Birth To A Son And Gave Birth To A Son In A Small Village.

Chandravarman, Son Of Hemvati, Was As Bright, Brave And Powerful As His Father. At The Age Of Sixteen, He Could Kill A Lion Or A Tiger Without Arms. Seeing The Extraordinary Heroism Of The Son, Hemvati Worshiped Chandra, Who Presented Paras Stone To Chandravarman And Made Him King Of Khajuraho. Iron Could Be Converted Into Gold By The Stone Of Persia.

Khajuraho Temples: The Beauty and the Controversy

Chandravarman Has Won A Spectacular Victory In Many Wars. He Built The Huge Fort Of Kalinjar. At The Mother’s Request, Chandravarman Constructed 85 Unique Temples In Khajuraho Covered With Ponds And Gardens And Organized A Yagna Which Made Hemvati Free From Sin. Chandravarman And His Successors Constructed Many Temples In Khajuraho.

Since The British Engineer, Ts Burtt Discovered The Temples Of Khajuraho, A Large Group Of Temples Has Been Known Since Then As The ‘western Group’. This Is One Of Khajuraho’s Most Attractive Places. This Place Was Also Included In Unesco’s List Of World Heritage In 1986.

This Means That Now The Whole World Will Be Responsible For Its Repair And Care. Should Start Their Journey With The View Of The Temples Of These West Groups Situated Near Shivsagar. An Audio Headset Can Be Obtained By Depositing 500 Rupees From The Ticket Booth At Rs. 50.

Apart From This, Guide Services Can Also Be Taken For Four People Between Two Hundred Rupees And Three Rupees In Half Or A Whole Day. Khajuraho Can Be Seen Well Through Bicycles. These Bicycles Can Be Obtained At A Stand Near The West Group At A Rate Of Rs. 20 Per Hour.

The Complexes Of This Complex Have Been Decorated Very Much. This Decoration Reveals The Prosperity And Power Of The Rulers Here. Historians Say That It Has Shown Devotion Towards Hindu Devils. Shiva Or Vishnu Are Either Depicted In The Form Of Devakulas.

Laxman Temple Situated In This Premises Is A High-class Temple. In It, Lord Vishnu Has Been Seated Like Vaikuntha. This Idol Of Vishnu, Four Feet High, Has Three Heads.

These Heads Are Depicted As Human Beings, Lions, And Peas. It Is Said That It Was Received From The Chamba Area Of ​​kashmir. The Left Side Of The Floor Shows The Activities Of Daily Life Of The Common People, The Army, The Domestic Life And The Dancers Traveling.

The Temple Platform Has Four Subsidiary Altars. Built-in 954 Ad, This Temple Is Related To Tantric Sect. Its Forehead Is Punished With Two Types Of Sculptures, In Which The Middle Section Shows The Pairing Of Gemini Or Embrace.

There Are Two Small Altars In Front Of The Temple. One Goddess And The Other Is Devoted To The Goddess Varah. The Shape Of A Huge Peacock Is Made In A Single Block Of Yellow Stone Roc

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