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Mahabodhi Temple : Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya History

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About Mahabodhi Temple At Bodhgaya

Mahabodhi Temple: Mahabodhi Vihar Or Mahabodhi Temple, Famous Buddhist Monastery Located At Bodh Gaya. Unesco Has Declared It As World Heritage.
This Vihar Is Situated In The Same Place Where Gautam Buddha Had Acquired Knowledge In 6th Century Bc.It Is Also Known As Vihar Main Vihar Or Mahabodhi Vihar. Gautam Buddha Has A Huge Idol In This Vihar. It Is Here That This Idol Is Established In The Place Where Gautam Buddha Received Knowledge Wisdom (knowledge).

Mango People Can Enter This Park Only With Permission Of Vihar Administration. In This Vihar Complex, Seven Places Have Also Been Identified, Where Buddha Had Spent Seven Weeks After Receiving The Knowledge.

Buddha Received Knowledge Under This Tree. In Vihar Group, The Voice Of Bells In The Morning Provides A Strange Peace To The Mind.

Behind The Main Sanctuary Is A Statue Of Buddha’s 7-foot Tall Statue Of Red Sandstone. The Buddha Has A Huge Footprint On The Brown Sandstone Next To This Idol.

These Footprints Of Buddha Are Considered To Be Symbols Of Dharma-cycle Revolutions.Buddha Had Spent The Second Week Standing In Front Of This Bodhi Tree After Attaining Knowledge.

There Is An Idol In This Stage Of Buddha Here. At This Place, The Buddha Spent The Third Week After Acquiring Knowledge. Here The Black Stone Lotus Flower Is Made, Which Is Considered To Be The Symbol Of Buddha.

Essay Mahabodhi Temple In Bodhgaya

In The Northwest Part Of Mahabodhi Vihar, There Is An Uninterrupted Relic Known As Ratnagiri. At This Place, Buddha Spent The Fourth Week After Acquiring Knowledge.

According To Legends, Buddha Was Deeply Involved In The Meditation That A Ray Of Light Emerged From His Body. Buddha Spent The Sixth Week Near The Muchilinda Ekal On The Right Side Of Mahabodhi Vihar.

The Buddha’s Statue Is Set In The Middle Of This Epic. In This Idol Is A Huge Snake Protecting Buddha. When Buddha Was Caught In Torrential Rains, King Melinda Of Snakes Came Out Of His Residence And Protected The Buddha.

The Rajyatuna Tree Is In The South-east Of This Vihar Complex. Buddha Had Spent His Seventh Week Under This Tree After Receiving The Knowledge. Here Buddha Met The Two Burmese (residents Of Burma) Traders. This Prayer Has Become Famous Since Then.

Tibetan Monastery

Located Five Minutes Walk To The West Of Mahabodhi Vihar) Which Was The Largest And Old Monastery Of Bodh Gaya Built In 1934 Ad. Apart From This, There Is Also A Huge Statue Of Buddha.
The Important Incidents That Took Place In Buddha’s Life In This Vihara Have Been Depicted Through The Picture. Built-in 1945 Ad, The Chinese Vihar (located Five Minutes Walk To The West Of Mahabodhi Temple Complex). There Is A Statue Of Buddha Made Of Gold In This Vihar.
In This Vihar, The Embodiment Of Buddha’s Embodiment Of Peace Is Presented By Aakoliteswar. One Of These Is The Highest Buddha Statue In India, Which Is Set On 6 Feet High Lotus Flower.
It Is Said That Buddha Had Come Here Once. In The Rajgir Itself, Pragati Is The Saptapurni Cave Where The First Buddhist Conference Was Organized After Buddha’s Nirvana.

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