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Mangal Pandey :Essay Short Words Of Life Biography,

Mangal Pandey: Essay Short Words Of Life

Life of Mangal Pandey: Mangal Pandey was born in northern India in Faizabad village of eastern Uttar Pradesh to Diwakar Pandey’s family. According to him, Hindu Dharma was the highest religion according to his belief in Hindu religion since birth.

Pandey joined the British East India Company Army in 1849. It is said that some brigade was recruited in his army. In the company of 34 Bengal Army, he was included in the sixth company, Mangal Pandey’s mission was high, he wanted to achieve a big success in the future.

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Full Name – Mangal Diwakar Pandey

Birth – 19 July 1827

Birthplace – Uttar Pradesh, India

Father – Divakar Pandey

Mother – Abhairani Pandey

History of Mangal Pandey: In the middle of 1850, he was posted in the Defense Forces of Barrackpore (Barrackpore). Then a new rifle was built in India and Mangal Pandey wanted to curb the weapons containing fat. It was rumored that people used cow or pig moss to make weapons smoother, which started to fall apart in Hindu and Muslim communities.

There are several documents related to the history of 29 March 1857 in history. People started believing that the British were engaged in corrupting the religion of Hindus and Muslims. Mangal Pandey opposed this. And against them, they stood up against the British authorities.

One day when new cartridges were distributed to the army, Mangal Pandey refused to take it. As a result, they were ordered to strip their arms and take off the uniform. Mangal Pandey refused to obey the British orders And they went on to invade their rifle ahead of British officers.

About Life Pandey

Mangal Pandey was an Indian soldier who attacked the British authorities on 29 March 1857. This was the first time that an Indian attacked the British officer. (It was later known in India as the first battle for independence of this incident). Shortly after the attack, he was sentenced to death. He was hanged a few days later, but even after hanging, British officials were afraid of going to their body.

In India, Mangal Pandey / Mangal Pandey is known as a great revolutionary. Who opposed British law. The Government of India issued a stamp of his photo in 1984 with his name. They were the first freedom revolutionaries who first opposed British law.

Mangal Pandey was against carbide containing fat. They knew well that the British officers used to discriminate between Hindu soldiers and British soldiers. Being disturbed by all these, they took the lead in fighting the British officers. He sparked the spark of independence in India, which later took on a terrible form. And finally, losing the Indians, the British had to leave India.

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