Metro Train Essay – Write an Paragraph In English

Metro Train: Metro Train Delhi has always created its own history. It has wide roads, the range of flyovers, and foot over bridges, and currently metro. metro may be a crowning glory that adds a replacement speed to its progress.

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Essay on Metro Train: Short Words in English

Metro Train: Delhi has experienced huge growth in population in the last few decades. Many people come here to work. The traffic on the roads of Delhi is a mix-up of cycles, scooters, buses, cars, and rickshaws. This results in fuel wastage, environmental pollution and increasing number of road accidents. The buses too are overcrowded. Commuting in Delhi was a big problem till the time metro rail was introduced in here.

Write an Paragraph Metro Train

Metro helps in saving time for the commuters. In most of the places in Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region), metro has reached. Metro is a boon to the Delhi where people take the metro to their offices. It saves the number of vehicles on road during offices. This reduces the traffic jam. Mainly, metro is a faster way of commuting.

Write an Essay on Metro Train  Paragraph for Student

Metro corridors have been made underground, on the ground and partly elevated. Metro runs throughout the city all day. The commuting has been made smooth and easy for the common man. The stations of metro rail are organized and systematic. Only the commuters having tickets are allowed inside the stations.

Care has been taken to keep the security and safety of the passengers very minutely. The coaches of the train are air-conditioned. They have space of around 240 seated and 300 standing passengers. The route of the train is announced the time to time. It is also mapped on the roof of the coach.

Metro has been able to connect the big city of Delhi very efficiently. The various parts of the city are connected through metro using various connections of yellow, blue, red and green lines. These lines are the different routes. The frequency of metro rails on every route is good. It comes every 3-5 minutes.

People of Delhi are now accustomed to the metro functioning. Proper instructions have been laid down for the convenience of the commuter. These commuters now cover the large distances within no time.

However, metro has proved to be a boon for Delhi, it is noticed that even metro rail is seen overcrowded. Though the number of coaches and frequency has increased, the population of commuters in the metro is increasing too with a rapid speed.

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