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Michael Madhusudan Dutta: Great poets Michael Madhusudan Dutta was born 25 January 1824  is one of the prominent Bengali poets and playwright of the nineteenth century and one of the most revered personalities of the Renaissance literature of Bengal.

Biography Of Michael Madhusudan Dutta

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Though born in a venerable Kayastha tribe of Jessore district of British India, Madhusudan accepted Christianity in Christianity and took the designation of Michael Madhusudan and concentrated on inditing literature in English in the light of Western literature. Madhusudan is magnetized to his mother language in the second a moiety of life.

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At this time he commenced playing drama, comedy, and poetry in Bengal. Michael Madhusudan launches Sonnet and Amitrakshara Chhand in Bangla The epic called Meghnaad Bada Kabhi, indited on the substructure of Ramayana’s legend in his greatest work, Amitithakshara rhythm.

His other eminent books are The Captive Lady,Sharmistha, Krishnakumari (drama), Padmavati (drama), the necklace of the old shalik, what is the civilization, the Tilottam Shakav poetry, the poetry of Birangana, the poetry of Brajangana, the fourteenth poetry, hectare killing etc. Michael’s personal life was dramatic and painful. This epic died at June 29, 1873, Calcutta.

Madhusudan Dutta is the first playback singer of Bengali literature. While translating English drama ‘Ratnabali’ by Ramnarayan Tarkaratna, he felt a lack of felicitous play in Bengali drama literature.

With the aim of consummating this lack, he was intrigued with inditing the drama. In 1859, he composed the ‘Sharmistha’ play. This is the first pristine drama indited in Bengali. In 1860, he composed two references, namely: ‘What is the civilization,’ and ‘the rug of the geriatric man’ and the full ‘Padmavati’ plays.

He utilized the first non-rhythm rhythm in Padmavati play. In 1860, he indited in ‘Amritrakarta’, ‘Tilottama Possible’. After this one was composed by an epic called ‘Meghnad Bada Kabhi’ (1861), ‘Brajangna’ (1861), ‘Krishnakumari’ drama (1861), ‘Biranganga’ (1862), fourteenth verse poetry (1866).

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