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Morarji Desai: Biography The Controversial Prime Minister of India

Morarji Desai: Prime minister To become From first they India Government In Sub – Prime Minister And other Ministries Of Charge Careful Gone Were. Morarji Bombay state Chief Minister as well Stay Gone Were.

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Morarji Desai India Of Independence Fighter And Country Of The sixth Prime minister Were.

Essay Biography Morarji Desai

He first Non-Congress First Prime minister Was. 81 years Of Ages In Prime minister To become Ones Morarji only Such person Are there To whom India Of Top Respect ‘ India Gems ‘ and Pakistan Of Top Respect ‘Mark – A – Pakistan’ Respected Did Gaya is.

Birth : 29 February 1896,
Death: April 10, 1995, Delhi
Function: Freedom Fighter, Before Prime Minister of India

To those India And Pakistan Of The middle Om Shanti Om Established To do Of Efforts Of for as well go is. In 1974 India Of First Nuclear Test Of after They Pakistan And China Of with Friendship resumed Doing In Important Role Played. They India Of Intelligence Agency ‘RAW’ as well Close To do Of try Of

Morarji Desai: Primary life

Morarji Desai Of Birth 29 February 1896 To Gujarat Of Bulsar The district Of Bhadeli Named village In Happened Was there. Their husband Warlike Desai Bhavnagar In One school teacher Were And after In Mental Depression From Suffused Stay Of reason They The self – the killing Tax Lee was.

Morarji has mine Primary Education Saurashtra Of ‘ The Kundla school ‘ Eclipse Of And after In Valsad Of maid Av Hi school In Admission took. Mumbai Of Wilson College From Home-school To do Of after they Gujarat The civil Service In Include Ho went.

Sun 1927-28 Of During Godhra In Happened The riots In On them Partiality Of blame felt Whose Form They Sun 1930 In Godhra Of Deputy Collector Of Post From Resignation Give Gave.

Morarji Desai: The Man Who Challenged the Indian Establishment

Morarji Desai: The government job To leave Of after Morarji Desai Independence Movement In The jump Fall. It’s after They Mahatma Gandhi Of Leadership In The British Of Against ‘ Civil Disobedience ‘ Movement In run took. Freedom Movement Of During Morarji many times The jail went.

Sun 1931 In He Gujarat Region Of Congress Committee Of Secretary Made And Again Akhil Indian Young Congress Of Branch Established Tax his director become went. Our Leadership skill From He Freedom Fighters Of Favorite And Gujarat Congress Of Important leader become gone. Sun 1934 And 1937 Of Provincial Election Of after them Bombay Presidency Of Revenue And home The ministry Assigned Gaya.

As Of up said Go Mistakes is That Independence Movement Of During National Politics In Morarji Of Name Weighty Ho Mistakes Was On Their Primary Interest state Of Politics In Only was Hence 1952 In These Bombay The province Of Chief Minister Created Gaya.

Gujarat And Maharashtra Both Bombay Provinces Of Under To come Were. This During Linguistic base On two Apart state – Maharashtra ( flag Speaker Area ) And Gujarat ( Gujarat Speaker Area ) – To make Of demand To grow Got it On Morarji this Kind Of the division Of for ready No Were.

Sun 1960 In Morarji has ‘ Joint Maharashtra The committee ‘ Of Protesters On Gun Shot Walking come to order Ia In which About 105 The people Killed went. this accident Of after Morarji To Bombay Of Main Minister Post From By removing center In In Call took Gaya.

center Government In Morarji To home Minister Created Gaya. home Minister Of Modus operandi On They The movies And Plays Of Staging In Indecency Restricted Tax Gave Was there. He Nehru Of Socialism Of against do Were.

One Nationalist And Corruption The opponent leader Of Modus operandi On Their height Congress party In Increasing Go Stayed Was And Nehru Of after them Future Prime minister Of form In saw Know felt. but Jawaharlal Nehru Of The death Of after Red Brave Scholar To Prime minister Created Gaya And Morarji To The shock felt.

Destiny Of a coincidence Like this Happened Of Scholar Of Unexpectedly The death Of after Only 18 The month Of after Only Prime minister Of chair One times Again Down Ho Added Scholar Of The death Of after Congress director Of.

Kamaraj has Scholar Nehru Of daughter Indira Gandhi Of Name Prime minister Post Of for Suggested On Morarji Desai has as well Prime minister Post Of for Self Name as proposed Tax Gave. Congress Parliamentary party by vote Of Medium From this Dead end To Resolved Gaya And Indira Gandhi Victorious Hui.

It’s after Morarji Indira Gandhi The cabinet In Sub – Prime minister And Finance Minister Made The year 1969 In when Indira has From them Finance The ministry back Take took Then They The cabinet From Resignation Give Gave. It’s after Congress Of the division two Section In Ho Gaya. One Of leader Morarji Were And Others Of Indira Gandhi

Sun 1971 Of Region assembly Election In Indira Gandhi To Immense Success Found whereas Morarji ( that Myself Election win went Were ) Of Group some Special No Tax Could

12 March 1975 To Morarji Desai has Gujarat Of Reform Movement Of Support In Amaran Unhurried Start Done

Sun 1975 In when Allahabad High The court has Indira Gandhi Of 1971 Of Election To Illegal Agreement Gave Then Opposition has United Through Their Resignation Of demand Of Whose after Country In Emergency Applicable Tax Gave Gaya And Morarji Desai Including All Large Leaders To The jail Send to Gave Gaya.

Sun 1977 In Jai Prakash Narayan Of Leadership In Corruption – The opponent Movement And Emergency – The opponent air has Region assembly Election In answer India In Congress Of Sack Tax Gave And Morarji Desai Of Leadership In public party Of Government Made.

Prime Minister Post (1977-1979)

Morarji Desai: March 1977 Of Lok Sabha Election In public party To clear majority get Happened On this time as well Morarji Of In addition Prime minister Post Of two other Claimant as well Present Were – Chaudhary Step Lion And World life RAM – On Jai Prakash Narayan has Morarji Desai Of Support Done

this type 81 The year Of Ages In Morarji Desai India Of Prime minister Made Their Governance Of During, Congress Ruled the Nine States Of Governments To Breakage Tax Gave Gaya And new Election To make Know Of Declaration Tax Given Gone. Government Of this Step Clear – Clear Change Of feeling From Induced, Undemocratic And Unconstitutional Was there.

Morarji Desai has Neighbor The countries Pakistan And China From relations To improve The direction In Initiative Done They China Of with Diplomat Relation To resumed Did And Indira Gandhi Government by Done went very all Constitutional Modifications To Their Original form In back Tax Gave.

Election Publicity Of During Morarji Desai has India Of Intelligence Agency ‘ Raw ‘ Too Close To do Of talk Say was And when they Prime minister Made Then They Really Agency Of The shape And Budget very Less Tax Gave Was there.

public party Corruption And Emergency like Issues Of Strength On Congress To Defeating Government To make In Successful Hui was On Component Parties Of Mutual Discord has Government To very Damage Transported And The people 1979 In secret Narayan And Chaudhary Step Lion has Government From Support back Take took Then Only two year Of Little Awadh I   M To Only Morarji Desai To Prime minister Post From Resignation give Have had

Morarji Desai: Death

Prime minister Post From Resignation Of after Morarji Desai has 83 years Of Ages In Politics From Sannyas Take took And Mumbai In Stay Engaged 10 April 1995 To 99 The year Of Ages In Their death

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