Best Friends Essay in English 2024

Essay in English Best Friends

Best Friend Essay in English

Best Friend: Man is a social being. He cannot live without company and friends. An ideal friend possesses all the qualities of head and heart. We know – “Chance makes our parents, but choice makes our friends.” A true friend can make our life happy and stands by us in time of need.

I have many friends at home and at school. Of them, I like Rima most because she has many good qualities. She is my classmate and of my age. She is intelligent, polite, kind and cooperative. We love each other. We share each other’s joys and sorrows. She is a frequent visitor to our house. My parents also like and love her, Rima is the best girl in our class. She is very good in English and Mathematics. She helps me in all matters. She often reminds me of the saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Rima lives with her parents neas, our house. Her parents are well-to-do. They spare no pains or expenses to keep their only daughter happy. Yet Rima is not proud. She is very simple but dignified. She is interested in games and sports. She is a very good tennis player and always bags prizes. Her parents are very affectionate to me also. My parents also love Rima as they do me and my brother Our friendship is based on mutual trust and understanding.

Once I fell ill and was not able to attend my school. Rima heard the news and at once came to see me. She felt sorry looking at my feverish face. She prayed to God for my early recovery. I realised how much she loved me.

Best Friend Essay in English

Rima is a kind-hearted girl. She is very sympathetic towards the poor and the helpless. She is always ready to help them. She believes in simple living and high thinking. Her aim is to become an ideal teacher. She is always respectful to her teachers and the elders. At the same time, she is kind to the youngsters. Our teachers are proud of Rima’s abilities and they always love and encourage her.

I am also lucky that a girl like Rima is my best friend. She is, truly, a source of my inspiration and strength. A true friend like Rima is, no doubt, very rare. I try to return my friendship with equal sincerity, love and care. She also enjoys my friendship and company.

I am really proud of Rima for she is not a fair weather bird. She is a very valuable friend to me. She never wastes her time and is always regular and punctual. I always follow her good habits. Most of our time is spent together in studies, games and other fruitful activities. She is the embodiment of all the human virtues. She never hurts anyone’s feelings.

She is always friendly and helpful to all the girls of our class. So, all our classmates like Rima very much. I am really a lucky chap to have a true and great friend like Rima.

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