Write My Hobby -My Hobby Essay Paragraph in English

My Hobby : A hobby is an activity that we generally do in our spare time. A hobby means useful work in which one takes interest and pleasure in doing something apart from one’s occupation. It is different from regular work. It is actually a kind of recreation that provides intellectual enjoyment.

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A hobby is a productive way of spending our leisure time. There are numerous hobbies available, such as stamp collecting, gardening, photography, book reading, coin collecting, painting, fishing, hunting, clay modeling, and so on.

Write a Paragraph About My Hobby

Gardening is my favorite hobby, and I enjoy working in my small garden in my spare time. I am lucky enough to have a small piece of land in front of our house. I have a variety of flowers in my garden. There are roses, jasmine, marigold, lilies, poppies, and many other small but colorful flowers. The sweet fragrance of the beautiful flowers charms my mind and body very much. Watching a seed grow into a sapling and then into a plant with leaves and flowers brings me immense joy. I feel very happy when I see bees and butterflies flying around the sweet blooming flowers.

I am a good gardener because I never neglect my plants. They do not need constant care. A little manure, well-ploughed soil, and regular watering is all they require. There are some flowers that are purely seasonal. These flowers need more care. We know that plants are as sensitive as human beings are. They react to our actions of love, affection, or cruelty.

My Physically Hobby

Gardening keeps me physically fit. I have to work with my own hands. Gardening involves digging, weeding, and cutting. grafting, watering, manuring, and tilling of the soil. These activities give me enough physical exercise to keep my body and mind happy. I have a small spade and I work with it. My mother sometimes helps me to clear weeds or mix manure. She also suggests that I select which flower seeds I should sow. Sometimes I seek help and advice from a gardener as well. I spend my pocket money on purchasing seeds, manure, or books on flowers. My father encourages me to continue my hobby by giving me money. He looks very happy at the sight of the sweet flowers in our small garden. My friends and relatives always appreciate my hobbies and skills in them.

I myself feel more connected to nature when I am in my garden. Gardening is just like a prayer to me. We enjoy the calmness, beauty, pleasure, color, and purity when we are in my small garden.

Gardening keeps me healthy, happy, and always fresh. My hobby, like any other hobby, removes the monotony and melancholy of the mind. My mother always collects fresh flowers in the vase in my reading room, which she puts there herself. When I look at the flowers, I feel proud and happy. My hobby really keeps me engaged in my spare hours and brings me immense joy and satisfaction.

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