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Paragraph Essay on School Library 

School Library : Library is a place where a large number of books are kept. Library forms an important part of a school. In a school library, there are generally good books on various subjects, in addition to newspapers, magazines, journals etc. A well-equipped library is a great asset for any school. It is useful both for the students and the teachers. It helps to develop reading habit and increase knowledge.

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We have a good library in our school. It is on the first floor of the school building. At the entrance of the library, the word ‘Silence’ is printed on a board that alerts the members using the library. Our library has a large reading room. There is a large round table around which chairs are arranged. The quiet atmosphere of our library hall takes one to a world of peace and serenity. The readers are not disturbed in any way, when they study by sitting in the reading room.

There are more than twenty thousand books in our school library. Books are kept in twenty-five big almirahs. Books are arranged subject-wise in them. A number is given to each book and the name of each book is written in a register.

Every student has a library card. Each student can borrow two books from the library against the card. The rule is to keep the books with us for two weeks only. We shall have to pay a nominal fine for the delay. Often our teachers borrow books from the library.

About My School Library Essay Summary

In our school, we have to attend the library class once in a week. Our teachers guide us which books, should choose and read during the hour alloted for class. Our library has a good stock of text and referen books. This helps the poor students who cannot affo to buy all the textbooks. Students can also rear newspapers and magazines during the recess time.

When we are in the library, no one is allowed to read loudly or talk to his friends and disturb others who are engaged in study. The silence is strictly observed within the library room.

Our librarian, Mr. Kapoor, is a very nice person. Mr. Kapoor has a thorough knowledge of all the books kept in the library. He is always ready to help us in selecting the books. He warns us not to tear off any page from any book, nor fold the corner or damage the book in any way. In case of any damage, whatsoever, one has to pay the cost of that book in full.

We all gladly obey our librarian.
Our school library is well-maintained and always kept neat and clean. Thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, journals are really our best friends of which we are proud. We enhance our knowledge by reading those books which are our guides and faithful friends.

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