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Mysore Palace: About Mysore Palace | Some Line Mysore Palace

Mysore Fort: Maharaja Palace, Rajmahal Is Of Krishnaraja Wadiyar Iv Of Mysore. This Palace Was Later Built. Before That, The Palace Was Made Of Sandalwood. It Was Very Damaged In A Mishap After Which The Second Palace Was Built. The Old Palace Was Later Cured Where The Museum Is Now. The Second Palace Is Bigger And Better Than Ever.

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Mysore Palace History

Mysore Palace
Is A Wonderful Confluence Of The Western, Eastern And Roman Architecture. This Palace Made Of Fine-grained Gray Stones Is Punished With Pink Dome Domes.

There Is A Large Fort In The Palace With Its Dome Decorated With Gold Pots. They Are Very Bright In The Sunlight. Now We Go Through The Gombe Thotti – Dollhouse – Mysore Palace. Here Is A Collection Of 19th And Early 20th Century Dolls. There Is Also A Wooden Wood Decorated With 84 Kg Of Gold, Which Was Used For Elephants To Sit For The King. It Can Be Considered A Saddle Placed On Horseback In A Way.

There Are Seven Guns In Front Of Gombe Thotti. They Are Fired Every Year On The Opening And Closing Of Dussehra. To Reach The Middle Of The Palace, You Have To Go Through The Ghajdwar. There Is The Kalyan Pavilion Viz. Its Roof Is Made Of Colored Glass And The Pieces Of Shiny Stone Are On The Floor. It Is Said That The Stones On The Floor Were Erected From England.

Like Other Palaces, Here Is The Diwan-e-khas For Kings And Diwan-i-aam For The Common People. There Are Many Rooms In Which Pictures And Majestic Weapons Are Kept.

Large Gowns With Fine Wood Carvings Of Majestic Costumes, Ornaments, Tun (mahogany), And Chandeliers In The Roofs Decorate The Palace With Splendor.Dussehra Exhibits An Exhibition Of 200 Kg Pure Gold Made Of Rajasthan.

Mysore Palace 

Some People Believe That It Is The Age Of Pandavas.On The Walls Of The Palace, The Floats Depicting The Dussehra Occasion Have Been Described Live. On Entering The Entrance Door, There Is A Counter On The Right Side Of The Soil Where The Camera And Cell Phone Have To Be Stored. The Counter Has A Decorative Temple With A Gold Vase. There Is A Similar Temple On The Other End Which Looks Like A Blurred Fog. There Are Temples On Both Ends, Which Are On The Road Of Soil And In The Opposite Direction Is The Main Building Of The Palace And In The Middle Of The Garden.

Inside There Is A Large Room, With Columns On The Sides Of The Corridors A Little Further. There Are Fine Golden Carvings On These Pillars And Ceilings. The Walls Are Arranged In Order From The Order. Details On Every Picture Are Written. Pictures Of Krishnaraja Wadiar Family Pictures Of The Sacrifice Of Raja Iv, Sacrificial Rites. Pictures Were Taken On Various Occasions. Pictures Of Rajatilak Military Picture Picture By The King Listening To The Public. On A Picture, We Saw The Name Of The Famous Painter Raja Ravi Verma. Almost All The Pictures Were Made By Ravi Verma.

There Is No Ceiling In The Middle Of The Chamber And Up To The Top Is The Dome Which Is Made Of Colorful Glasses. The Selection Of These Colorful Glasses Was Done To Get The Sun And Moonlight Right In The Palace. Before Watching The Lower Chamber, The Stairs To The Floor Are So Wide That Many People Can Climb Together. The First Place To Be The Place Of Worship. Here The Pictures Of All The Gods And Goddesses Were Engaged. Besides, Pictures Of Yajna And Worship Were Done By The Maharaja And The Queen. The Middle Dome Is Up To Here.

The Second Floor Is A Court Hall. There Are Many Golden Columns Surrounding The Large Part Of The Middle, This Is The Left And Right Circular Location Outside The Circle. Perhaps The Queen And Other Women Of The Court Used To Sit On One Side And On The Other Side The Public’s Friend Was Heard As The Outer Ground Was Seen From Here And There Are Stairs From Both Sides Where The Fencing Is Now Done. On The Same Floor, There Is Three Gold Throne In A Small Cell In The Previous Section – For The Maharaja, The Queen, And The Prince.

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