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Essay on Short Words of Life “Narendra Modi” Biography

Short Words of Life “Narendra Modi”

Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 in a middle-class family in Vadnagar village of Mehsana district of the Bombay state. She was the third among six children born. Modi’s family was from the ‘Ghad Ghanchi’ community, which is classified as the other backward class by the Indian government.

he is completely vegetarian In his youth during the Second War between India and Pakistan, he voluntarily served the soldiers traveling on railway stations. In the youth, he joined the All India Students’ Council in the student organization.

He also participated in the anti-corruption movement in the anti-corruption movement. After working as a full-time organizer, he was nominated the representative of the organization in the Bharatiya Janata Party.

In his teens, Modi, who ran a tea shop with his brother, completed his schooling in Vadnagar. While being an RSS pracharak, he got a post-graduate examination in Political Science from Gujarat University in 1980 and got an M.Sc. degree.

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In the total of six children of his parents, the third son, Narendra, gave his father hand in selling tea at the railway station in his childhood. According to a schoolmaster of Badnagar, Narendra was an average student, but he was very interested in debate and drama competitions. Apart from this, his interest was also to start new projects on political topics.

At the age of 13, Narendra’s engagement was done with Jasoda Ben Chamanlal and when he got married, he was only 17 years old. According to a news of Financial Express, spouse spent some years living together But after some time they both became strangers to each other because Narendra Modi had expressed a similar wish to them. While the biographer of Narendra Modi does not believe that. They say

Both of them got married, but they were never together. After a few years of marriage, Narendra Modi gave up his home and in a way, his marriage was almost finished. “

After remaining silent on his marital status in the last four assembly elections, Narendra Modi said that he did not commit any sin by giving information about being single. According to Narendra Modi, the unmarried person can fight against corruption because of a married man because he does not have any concerns with his wife, family, and children. Although Narendra Modi has submitted an affidavit, Jasodaben has accepted his wife.

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