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National Tree of India

The status of National Tree of India this tree is called “banyan tree”. This tree is very spacious. This tree is a very high and very large tree spreading trees. The height of this tree ranges from about 20m to 30m. This tree is very important in Hinduism. Just as people worship the peepal and neem tree, similarly the banyan trees are also worshiped. Banyan tree is considered to be equal to Brahma. Many women of Hindu religion worship the banyan tree for her husband, which is called “Vat Savitri Puja“.

The banyan tree belongs to the Moresi family. Banyan trees are called different names in different languages. In Hindi, the banyan tree is called “tree tree” and “big tree”. In the Arabic language, the banyan tree is called “Katirul Ashajar”. In this passage, this tree is called “big” and in Punjabi, this tree is called “bawdy”. In Bungalow, the banyan tree is called “Badgach” and in Sanskrit, it is called “Nigroth”.

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The stem of the banyan tree is straight and very hard. Its branches are rooted in the air, which hangs in the air. In the beginning, the branches of the banyan are very thin and hanging downwards. Gradually these branches reach the ground and grow very thick. As the banyan tree becomes old, its batches and spreads in a longer broader area. Due to this large batch of banyan trees, this tree is called a zodiac mahatma. The leaves of large and round shapes are released on the banyan pad. All the leaves of the banyan tree are about 10 to 2cc long and 5 to 13 cm wide. The leaves of the banyan tree are very smooth with one side and its color is dark green. The opposite of the leaf leaves the light green.

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Banyan trees also have fruit in summer days. Most of the fruits are grown on the banyan tree between February to May. Banyan fruits are red, small, small, round and stalkless. On the branches of the fruit tree, leaves on leaves. There is a small seed inside its fruit.

  1. Heat the leaves of hot leaves and make a paste and apply it on the wound, the hazard dries up quickly.
  2. Regular drinking of bark tree bark removes diabetes.
  3. It is said that by touching the banyan tree and serving it, all sin is destroyed.
  4. Getting relief from pain in the back of the big milk gives relief in pain.
  5. According to an estimate, the age of the banyan tree is about 500 years
  6. All parts of the Banyan are used in medicine preparation to keep the human body healthy by medical science.
  7. The hanging root of the banyan and its skin is also used to make the rope.

Banyan plants are mainly grown in the grooves of other trees. As soon as the plant gets out, its roots start spreading to the ground and after planting in the ground the plant starts growing.

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