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Picnic Nehru Park is a popular place in our town where people go on a picnic frequently. On one bright sunny morning, we decided to go there for a picnic with our family friends. The weather was cool and breezy that day and it was the perfect time for an outing. My father immediately called up his friend and invited him to join us in the park with his family.

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A picnic Essay Paragraph

My mother got busy in preparing food for the picnic. My father packed a few things that would be required in the park. I too packed some games like cards and ludo and decided to carry a bat, football, and Frisbee along.

We arrived at the picnic spot at about eleven in the morning and met our friends. It was a beautiful park with big green lawns and lots of colorful flowers. The air was fresh and cool. We walked around to look for a peaceful corner to sit. The park was already crowded with other people. We managed to find a place under the shade of a large tree. My aunt spread a mat for us to sit. us to sit.

 My friend and I immediately took out a bat and ball to play cricket while our parents kept sitting under the tree. After a game of cricket, we took some refreshment that my aunt had brought. Then we played frisbee. The elders also joined in the fun. We were having a great time together. I saw my mother relaxing and reading a book under the tree.

The park was a huge one and we decided to explore it. There were swings and slides all around and we immediately started playing on them. It was also a good place to play hide and seek. There were people jogging and exercising in the park. There were other families as well who had come for an outing. We saw little children playing and running around in the park. After a while, we felt hungry and went back to the spot to have lunch.

Essay on School Picnic Paragraph

We sat down in a circle and my mother and aunt served us food. It was a delicious meal. After finishing our food, we threw the disposable plates and glasses in the garbage bin. It was now time to relax a little. We lay down on the mat while my mom and aunt decided to take a stroll in the park.

When they returned, we played a game of ludo with them. My mother was surprisingly the winner. I was very happy. My father and uncle then challenged us to a game of football. My friend and I defeated them quite easily.

We indeed had a great time playing the games. Soon, it was evening and time for us to go back home. We were again served some light snacks and tea. pots Though we were tired, we were still in no mood to go back home. We packed our things back and helped our parents clean the place where we were sitting. We had a wonderful time in the park and returned home with good memories of the picnic.

Though it was a beautiful park, I was sad to see people littering it with waste food instead of throwing it in the dustbin. This was attracting stray dogs into the park. It was not only dangerous for children but also unhygienic for everyone. It is our duty to keep public places neat and clean and preserve our nature. We should always make efforts to keep our surroundings clean.

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