Policeman Essay on Short Words Paragraph In English

The Policeman: The duty of a policeman is to maintain law and order in our society. He provides security to the public and maintains peace everywhere. There are some people in every society who do not pay any heed to the laws of their country. The task of the policemen is to arrest them for legal punishment. It is because of policemen that our lives and properties are safe. Hence, a policeman is an important figure in the life of a nation. 

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Generally, a policeman possesses good health and weight. He is always seen with his uniform and a shave in his hand. The policemen of every state in India can be identified by their different official symbols. 

A policeman is always there to help us. He is seen on the roads, in the parks, at every railway station and in every important place. A policeman has to work in all weathers. His work is very hard and he gets few holidays. He arrests thieves, robbers, and other anti-socials. He has to take these criminals to the police station and then to the court. He also regulates traffic and provides security to the political leaders, ministers, and other VIPs of the country. 

PolicemanEssay on Short Paragraph Policeman

A policeman is the backbone of society. Without his help, no government can work smoothly. He is simply a symbol of law and peace. He is a terror to the wicked and troublemakers. He acts as a responsible guardian and friend to the peace-loving citizens by assisting them in need. 

A policeman has to do various jobs at the police station or check post. Sometimes, he is posted at the crucial points of the city or town where there is fear of any disturbance or arson. He maintains peace during “strikes”, “bandhs”, “gheraos”, “dharnas”, or any other important public meetings or processions. He keeps his keen eyes on the lawbreakers and anti-social elements. When the crowds become violent, he uses his “lathi” to control the mob. Sometimes, he could also resort to firing, following the orders of his superiors when the situation goes out of his control. 

A policeman is an enemy of wicked people and a protector of the poor and the weak. He gets a poor grade although he works very hard. He has to do his duty amidst the risk to his own life. So, a policeman must be paid well so that he can lead a happy life. 

Unfortunately, some policemen are dishonest and very corrupt. But their numbers are very small. Most of the policemen are sincere, hard-working, and loyal to their department.

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