Postman Essay on Short Words in English 500 words

The postman: The postman is one of the most familiar public workers whom we meet almost every day. He works for the Post and Telegraph Department. The postman wears a khaki uniform and carries a leather bag full of letters, parcels, money orders, telegrams, gifts, etc. 

Postman Essay Paragraph for Student 500 Words

The postman is a very busy public worker. His duty starts in the morning. First, he goes to the main post office and collects the post for his area. Then he stamps all the letters and, at last, goes out to deliver them. He is welcomed everywhere, whether it is a rich man’s mansion or a poor man’s cottage. 

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From his appearance, a postman seems to be a simple, humble, and friendly person. A postman’s duty is very hard. Whether it is winter, summer, or rainy season, he has to move from house to house, from locality to locality, to deliver letters etc. Even during the night, he goes to deliver the telegrams. In the remote villages, the postman has to face many difficulties. The condition of the village roads remains worse, especially in the rainy season. But the postman has to serve the people in spite of all difficulties. 

Essay on Short Paragraph The Postman life

Almost all postmen are very hardworking, honest, cautious, Ghostwriter and sincere, although there are some exceptions. The postman delivers different types of letters. Sometimes he brings good news and sometimes bad. The postman knows the home of every person in his area, and most people are familiar with him. Ghostwriter.

It is true that a postman does his work regularly and sincerely. He leads an honest and simple life. As the job is very hard, one has to acquire some special qualities to become a postman. A person of sound health and a polite manner alone could discharge the duties of a postman. He always keeps a friendly smile on his face. 

A postman’s life is hard indeed. His salary is poor. His pay and allowances are small and holidays are limited. When others enjoy the holidays, the postman continues to do his work. Sometimes, people offer him money and gifts out of courtesy and sympathy. Nowadays, a postman generally keeps a bicycle. But some other postmen do not keep cycles and have to go on foot to do their duties.

 We hope that the government will provide a postman with better service conditions and raise his salary. We all should hold him in high esteem and honour him for his sincere service to us all.

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