The power of knowledge Essay : How it can help you achieve your goals

Power of knowledge: Knowledge is Power It is the knowledge that differentiates man from other living beings. Knowledge is the mother of all discoveries and inventions.

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The importance of education: How it can give you the power to succeed

A knowledgeable person is respected and given responsibilities accordingly. With responsibilities, comes power and authority. Thus, Knowledge is power.

A knowledgeable man will see the world differently from a person with no knowledge. He will always be a step higher than others who are not knowledgeable.

He would be able to form opinions of his own, take right decisions and implement them confidently.

Knowledge is the state of awareness or understanding gained from experience or study, learning specific information about something. Knowledge is not necessarily gained from books only.

There are several ways to attain it. All that one requires is a hunger for knowledge. A person, who wishes to gain knowledge, can learn from his observations, experiences, experiments, etc. All he needs to do is be inquisitive

The benefits of lifelong learning: How it can keep you ahead of the curve.

A child starts learning several things on his own without anybody telling him about them. They grow up and still learn a lot of things on their own. Similarly, there are several sources for us to gain knowledge too.

To keep pace with the world, we need to have knowledge of latest trends to keep ourselves updated. The world does not bother about outdated things and moves ahead. This clearly means losing out on power. For example, A person goes to work in the office but have no knowledge of computers.

He will be in trouble because, in the office, he will have to work on the computer, which he cannot do. He might end up losing his job. Therefore, it is important to keep updating knowledge as it keeps us informed. In the early times, the man was not born with these technologies and science.

About Essay Power of knowledge

All these things were discovered sooner or later by observations or experiments.

Newton saw the falling apple and the thought that it generated in his mind which led to the discovery of the theory of gravitation. Similarly, other discoveries were also done. Since then, man has worked hard to reach here in the modern world.

The man has progressed significantly in the field of science and technology. It is just because of knowledge that has brought the man here and he is living with the power to live his life with comfort.

In the modern world, man has reached the moon, manufacturing spaceships, air crafts, ships, metros, etc, all because of knowledge he possesses.

Man is gaining knowledge in the field of their interest. That is the reason we have so many specialists in the fields of medicine, surgery, psychology, economics, law, agriculture, religion and so on.

A farmer working on the farm has knowledge about it, which a layman may not be able to do effectively. A mechanic repairing a car is having the knowledge, which a common man cannot do. So having knowledge about everything is also not possible. Therefore, there is specialist From whim we get our needs fulfilled.

It is not only the scientific knowledge which gives man power. Any knowledge man has, will help him somewhere in life. It is important to have the knowledge to make a person capable of doing something in his life.

For instance, A sword is of no use to soldier if he does not know how to fight with it. Therefore, knowledge is important Thus, which gives the soldier a power to fight. knowledge can be of anything in this world.

It is important that knowledge is used for constructive uses rather than destructive. Man is manipulating the power of knowledge for his selfish motives.

The knowledge that gave power to man for making airplanes, cell phones, television, etc, has also given the power to man to make missiles, atom bombs, explosives and nuclear weapons.

The knowledge that gave the spiritual power to man has also given power to man for the destruction of this world.

It is true that knowledge is power. It is up to mankind to use that power of knowledge effectively and positively. With the power of knowledge man-made progress, invented technologies, advancements and the same power of knowledge man is heading to destroy the same world he made for himself.

Thus, knowledge is power, but to create and not to destroy. Use the power of knowledge to help others, be kind to others, and make this world a better place to live. Use the power of knowledge as ‘power’ and not as a ‘weapon’.

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