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Life Of Queen Victoria || Queen Victoria Biography

About Life Of Queen Victoria

Victoria Empress Victoria was the Queen of the United Kingdom.

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Short Words Life Of Victoria Essay Biography


Victoria: Victoria was born in May 1819. He was eight months old when his father died. Victoria’s Mama handled the work of his education with great accomplishments. He was also a very qualified and experienced person himself. At the same time, they were biased of the old civilization. Victoria was not allowed to meet any man in solitude. Even older servants of the age could not even come near them. The longer they studied with the teachers, their mother or daughter would sit beside them.


At the age of eighteen, Victoria sat on the throne. They write that there are so many reports of ministers every day and so many more papers have to be signed that I have to do a lot of labor. But I get pleasure in this. His feelings towards the work of the state remained until the end. In these works, he considered himself to be a sole authority. They did not accept the intervention of maternal uncle and mother. ‘Wife, Mother, and Queen – in all three ways they have done their duty very honestly. His attitude to the servants of the house was very beautiful ‘


On getting married, she kept her husband away from the government. But gradually the qualities of husband’s love, scholarship and tactics accumulated his authority over him, and he started becoming a husband and going on his wishes. But they were widowed at the age of 43 years. While tolerating this sorrow, he ruled with great sincerity and justice for 39 years. The weight that was placed on their shoulders, according to their strength, they kept on stopping until the end. Do not accept anyone’s help.

They lacked intelligence, but the character was too much. In all three forms, wife, mother and queen, they performed their duty very honestly. His behavior was very beautiful from the house servants. Due to the heavy burden of widowhood, the sorrow of others caused them to touch quickly. Useful inventions like rail and wire were in their time.

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