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Rainy Day is a day of enjoyment. In India, this rainy season is for the short period of two-three months. This comes after summer when the heat of the sun reaches its peak. Rain gives us some relief from the heat. Therefore, everyone waits for the rain to come eagerly.

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The weather seems good when the dark clouds come, thunder, and lightning flashes, and starts raining. It changes the mood of many. For some, it can be sad and gloomy for some but most of them are in high spirits when it rains. Not only children but also the grown-ups feel happy about the rains. After rains, you can see the trees and the small plants are washed nicely and give us the eye-catching views surrounding us. The dry, dusty land transforms to the green beautiful place that is full of life.

About Essay Word Rainy Day

In India, it is said that when it rains, we feel like eating spicy dishes. Children like to play in rain, splash water on each other, dance in the rain, and enjoy it to its fullest. Children also make boats from paper, which they flow in the small potholes where water accumulates.

I was on my school bus when it started raining heavily. From the bus window, I saw people with their raincoats and umbrellas. There were water clots almost everywhere. Many places had traffic jams. People took shelter under the trees or bus stops to protect themselves from getting wet in the rain.

Rainy Day Paragraph

On reaching school, I found an ankle – deep water was collected in the school premises and on the main road. The drainage got choked. All the cars and the buses were at a halt due to the heavy rains.

It kept raining all throughout the day. I was slightly wet when I reached back home. My mother changed my clothes and gave me hot tea as it had become slightly colder that day. I looked out of my window. The children had good fun in the rain. I too went out to play in the rain and ran in the rain with joy. As the rain was halting down and there were fine sun rays, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. We had a good time watching it.

On coming back, a thought clicked that rain is a blessing to us but it is also a curse to few people. The homeless people have to suffer a lot. They have to find a proper shelter to keep themselves safe.

Finally, the rainy day ended but there were many more to come in this season.

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